Step by Step Puppy Potty Training Success Tips



Puppies can certainly be a lot of fun, add to that the fact they are so cute and cuddly and it’s hard to not want one of your very own.

Because they are so playful and friendly most can’t resist their puppy charms and before you know it puppy is on the way home with you and your melting heart.

The fact puppies are so loveable it’s easy to forget the challenges a new puppy bring to the home and family, the biggest is your new puppies potty training.

Puppy potty training is part of house breaking and is seldom an easy task. Some actually find it extremely frustrating and time consuming making it a stressful time. Tempers can flare so keep that in mind when you’re looking for a new puppy.

The thing is you can make puppy potty training easier with the follow steps and tips.


It’s important you learn to catch your puppy before they go potty in a non potty area but this takes constant watching and learning to know when puppy is ready to do some business. Look for the potty dance it’s only seconds away from potty time, regardless of location.

The famous potty dance your puppy happens most often right after puppy eats or drinks. Even today, six years after we trained Honey she still likes to go outside right after eating or drinking.

Excitement will trigger the desire to go potty as well, so be careful you don’t get puppy too excited without taking them on a potty trip before, during or immediately after playing with them.


Don’t mess with your puppies mind by giving them multiple locations to go potty. Make it simple with one location. Let’s call it the Potty Spot. They will learn much quicker when you don’t give them multiple choices to confuse their little minds.

Being consistent and watchful makes it easier on everyone and puppy will learn much faster.

Don’t punish puppy for not making it to the Potty Spot every time. How did you do during potty training? Mom and Dad had to have patience and had to be on top of the situation all the time.


You never play with puppy during potty training moments, that’s for after they do a good job. So you reward them for doing well but never punish them if they get it wrong, just don’t reward them.

Maybe I go a little overboard with praises and hugs but all my puppies have been worth it as they bring so much love to the home.

We’ve found a variety of puppy treats, praise, and playtime works very well for pretty much all puppies. The thing is puppy really wants to please you and your family but takes time to work out any mixed singles being sent.


You have to be on top of puppy in those early days so they learn quickly. I like to take puppies out for potty first thing in the morning as soon as I get out of bed. If I have to go first thing so does puppy.

Of course there is going to be times throughout the day puppy is going to need to go but you can still setup a schedule that will help you train your puppy even faster. I like to take puppies out as soon as they have eaten or drinking, even before they do the potty dance.

When puppy gets up from a nice long nap it’s a good time to take them out for potty training practice. This gets even more scheduled if you feed puppy at specific times, knowing they will need to go potty shortly after.

You will find having a schedule will actually give you more time.


Sending mixed singles will only confuse puppy and make puppy potty training longer and more frustrating so be consistent with your puppy. If not there will be a lot more failures during any type of training.


Puppies are going to have accidents, for whatever reason so expect it and don’t get upset with puppy. Add to this the fact that there will be times puppy will go out to the potty spot and do nothing at all. Especially, when you put them on a schedule.

This is fine, just don’t ever make it a play time if they don’t go. Keep potty spot, potty spot and not a play area or play time.


Just like when I was a little guy, there was no food or water just before bedtime, so we would stay in bed all night. This works well with puppies as well, for the most part.

I still stayed with puppy, close to the crate we used to help train her easier and so she wouldn’t be so lonely over those first few weeks away from her siblings.

Follow these puppy potty training tips step by step and you and puppy will do fine.



SOURCE: Step by Step Puppy Potty Training Success Tips