Obedience Dog Training – What every dog owner should know



For dog owners the most important thing they can do when a new dog or puppy arrive is to put them through obedience dog training. That training will train them how to behave in situations that all dogs will encounter at some point in their day to day living. However, some owners neglect obedience training because they cannot afford it or they would rather leave it to the dog to learn obedience. Therefore, here is a summary of what you can gain from that training to help you decide if it would be beneficial for your dog.

The Benefits of Obedience Dog Training

To begin with, dogs in obedience training are fast at learning to respond to commands that are specific and well delivered. You will learn those commands during training which must be applied at home. A lot of people do not fulfill their end of the bargain by applying what they learned. They feel it is up to their dog to know what is expected of them. Dog training is a two way process that is far more effective if it is treated that way. Here are some examples.

Leadership – During obedience training, you will be taught how to dominate over your dog at all times so that they know who is in charge and who they must listen to. Your dog will find it much easier to follow your lead if what is taught in training is replicated at home. This Alpha leadership is at the core of all good training.

Basic Commands – Obedience dog training will make your dog respond to basic commands like sit, stay, heel, speak, and quiet at all times. These four behaviors form the foundation for learning more tricks later.

No Biting or Barking – Biting and barking are two of the biggest problems a dog owner face. Obedience dog training at different levels can deal with these issues to ensure your dog behave in way that is expect of them. These problems should be dealt with at an early stage. This is particularly true for biting problems.

Walking – In a good training class you will find solutions to dog leash problems such as your dog pulling you down the street. These classes will teach you how to control the movement of your dog to stop them from running around you. Ideally you will also be able to make them sit and heel at corners when required, and when other dogs walk by.

Obedience dog training is important because it gives the foundation for dealing with issues that can occur at home. If your dog is having behavior problems or is under a year old, you may want to attend a class to get started.

Carrying it Forward at Home

You will be right in saying obedience dog training is only the start of things. The few basic tricks your dog learn in class will need to be applied at home. Failure to apply what is learned may result in you losing control. To maintain control you will need to be consistent, send a clear message to your dog that you are in charge and make sure everyone in the house understand what you have taught your dog in training.

Don’t forget that your dog will only do what it has been taught. You must be effective at maintaining consistent and reassuring commands. If you start to waffle or forget to reassert your commands, your dog will begin to revert to behaviors that you worked hard to eliminate.



source: Obedience Dog Training – What every dog owner should know