Learn to stop your dog’s barking problems



If you have been asking yourself how to stop dog barking, you have come to the right place. In this article I will reveal to you the truth about solving a dog’s barking problems.

When it comes to stop dog barking there are a number of methods you can try that have been shown to be successful in stopping excessive or unnecessary barking. However, it is not recommended that surgery be carried out to stop barking completely. Barking is a part of a dog and, it is a way in which a dog can alert their owners of danger. You can learn training techniques to stop dog barking effectively.

The first thing to understand before you can stop dog barking is why they bark and the forms of barking you can control. We are going to discuss what causes a dog to bark and the things that can be done to stop dog barking.

The Causes of Dog Barking

There are a number of reasons why a dog will bark and we will be looking at them before finding the stop dog barking solution. They will bark when they are angry, when they are excited or even bark when they are scared. You can expect your dog to start barking in the following situations:

When their territory has been invaded by another dog or person
When they sense something unusual is going on
To get your attention
To greet you coming home
When they are denied something they really want
When they are bored
To alert you to an injury or illness

The examples above show that barking is a major part of a dog. To stop dog barking completely without surgery to remove the vocal chords is impossible. They will always want to express themselves at certain times. No amount of effort on your part can inhibit this behavior. Therefore the aim is not to stop dog barking completely but stop unnecessary or excessive barking.

How to Stop Dog Barking

If your dog will not stop barking, your first step is to determine if the behavior is justified. Excessive barking happens ninety percent of the time and it is possible to control it and stop dog barking when there is no need for it. If you reach the conclusion that your dog’s barking should be controlled, ask yourself the following before deciding how to stop dog barking:

When does the dog bark?
What is the dog barking at?
Does the dog have a specific trigger?

If your dog is barking to protect their territory or is alarmed by something it sees, you should not yell at them to stop. This negative reinforcement for territorial barking often result in aggression of other forms such as biting. Your dog may stop the barking but the territorial issues will still be there since they do not understand you.

A better approach to stop dog barking is to create a situation in which your dog will not feel the urge to defend its territory. This is done by being in control of your house. You can show your dog you are the alpha leader of the pack responsible for protecting that space. The second thing you can do is reduce the dog’s ability to see incursive threats to its territory. Prevent him or her seeing the mailman by drawing your blinds, erect an opaque fence so the outside cannot be seen from the yard, and stop any open access to the windows.

Stop Dog Barking with Anxiety

Barking for dogs with anxiety issues is usually a symptom of something much greater. Therefore the solution to stop dog barking in this case is to examine past behaviors. They will bark continuously until you are home. This behavior has often been rewarded in the past. On your return they are excited, and you immediately reward them with attention. To stop them associating your return with attention and therefore reward, ignore your dog for as long as 10-15 minutes.

The last point to mention, to stop dog barking, is to train your dog when to bark and when to be quiet. When you create a command to control this behavior, your dog will learn when barking is not necessary. The advantage of this is that, if you want them to bark at an intruder or something, they will still alert you.

Barking dogs does not have to be a community nuisance. If you learn to control it early you will not have to worry about your neighbors knocking on your door everyday when you come home. The aim therefore is not to stop dog barking completely but to stop any excessive barking.



source: Learn to stop your dog’s barking problems