Learn to make your dog live longer



Dogs without proper dog health care could end up with one of the many potential ailments that can catch you off guard. If it is not dealt with quickly and effectively when they occur, the result is both emotionally devastating and expensive. To keep your dog happy and healthy, learn to avoid dog health problems instead of responding to them as they occur.

Actions in Dogs Health Care

Dogs like human beings, can also suffer from a number of health issues. Unlike us, dogs cannot communicate their symptoms. They will often stay silent until the pain is an unbearable one that needs to be treated. Therefore it is important to take action to avoid any health problems in the first place and recognize the symptoms if they occur.

Infections – A dog can suffer potential infections in the ears, on the skin, in the eyes and around their teeth. The most common infection is ear infection caused by a foreign body or bacteria getting inside. Examine your dog’s ears often for signs of red spots, swelling, excess moisture, or dirt. Infections are an easily preventable dog health problem. Your dog health care routine should include cleaning their eyes, brushing their teeth and brushing their hair regularly. This will avoid any potential bacteria build up.

Allergies – Dogs can suffer from many forms of allergies. The most common is flea allergy which causes hot spots that lead to infections. It is recommended flea medication be applied every month and regular vet checkups performed to ensure they are healthy. Additionally, if your dog’s ear infections or other hot spot is caused by their skin problems, they may be allergic to certain foods. This is a more serious issue that a veterinarian should have a look at.

Diabetes – Dogs suffer from the same diseases as humans and diabetes is one such example. Pancreatic issues often lead to diabetes and is often caused by eating too much rich, fatty and sugary foods. As part of your dogs health care keep your dog on a strict diet of dog foods and, either avoid or keep it to a minimum table scraps and excess meals. If your dogs have diabetes, you’ll need to have regular visits to the vet and may need to administer regular medications.

Arthritis and Dysplasia – Certain dogs are highly prone to joint problems. Pure breeds in particular have a long history of problems with arthritis caused by their longer and narrower joints. Make it part of your dogs health care to give the required vitamins and minerals each day and have the joints checked by a vet for degeneration at least once a year.

Obesity – A common but deadly health problem among dogs is obesity and it is caused by a combination of overeating and lack of exercise. Obesity causes high rates of heart failure, tumors, liver disease, and skin problems all of which are very dangerous if not dealt with immediately. Any good dogs health care advice will tell you that obesity can be treated with a careful diet and keeping an eye on the dog’s activity levels.

You can avoid many of these health issues by giving your dog plenty of exercise, feeding them healthy foods every day, and making sure they are cleaned and well groomed. You will also need to visit your vet once a year to check for any potential health issues. The earlier a disease is caught, the more effective the treatment is.



source: Learn to make your dog live longer