How to Leash Train a Dog



Learning effective ways on how to leash train a dog should be one of your priorities as a new dog owner. Dogs hate wearing leash; however, dogs that are not leash trained can cause a lot of trouble. It is very important to leash train your dog, not only to avoid inconveniences, but also as a means to help you enjoy a lot of activities together with your pet. Here are some tips you can follow if you are having a hard time leash training your dog:

Associate Wearing Leash with Pleasant Things

Mealtime is one of the best opportunities where you can associate leash wearing with good things. Just put the leash on your dog and leave it lying next to him while eating. This will send your dog the idea that wearing a leash doesn’t mean he did something wrong or he will be punished.

Get Your Dog Used to Wearing a Leash

A successful way on how to leash train a dog is to properly introduce your dog to the leash. First, you will need to put it on your dog every day. Give your dog some time to get used to wearing the leash freely inside your house. Then start to hold the leash in your hands and allow your dog to roam around your house and do all the things he does every day. You can do this for at least 30 minutes every day. When you see a positive response from your dog, increase the number of minutes. Your dog will get used to wearing a leash and you following him while holding his leash.

Start Going outside Your House

Whenever you think that the leash training you have indoors is already enough, you can start taking your dog outside. Start in your lawn or backyard. First, allow the dog to explore the outdoors with his leash dragging next to him. Your supervision is critical as your dog can run outside your backyard and his leash might accidentally tie up with your backyard plant or fence. Let your dog see that you are holding his leash from time to time. Give him a reward whenever you hold his leash and he shows positive response.

Check your Dog’s Response to the Leash

A good way to test if you are successful on how to leash train a dog is to teach your dog how to walk with his leash on. Whenever your dog tries to go in one direction, pull the leash in the opposite direction. You can also try to invite your dog to go somewhere else by pulling his leash while he is sitting. Your dog’s response might not be as good as you expect, but this is just the start of more serious leash training.

Starting on how to leash train a dog at a young age is easier. Adult dog shows more bad habits during leash training. However, puppies love to play, that’s why proper timing for leash training is necessary.


source: How to Leash Train a Dog