How to House Train a Puppy



If you have a new puppy, you will need to know how to house train a puppy so that he will not pee on your carpet – or in any place inside the house, for that matter. You can house train your puppy as soon as possible. The younger he is the better, because some puppies develop a defiant attitude as they grow older, which makes it difficult for owners to teach them the basics. Here are some things you can do to properly train him:

Look for the Warning Signs

There are warning signs that you need to look for when your dog is about to poop or pee. Observe your puppy while he is doing his stuff outside. Your dog may start sniffing while walking in circles, something that he usually does when he is looking for something.

Staying Outdoors

It will be best if you allow your puppy to stay outside so that he can develop a good habit of doing his necessities outdoors. You can do this simple step on how to house train a puppy every day, or when the weather is nice and calm. Teach your puppy how to like grass, dirt and even stones like gravel by bringing him outdoors.

Wait until your Puppy Urinates

When you see that your puppy is about to pee, bring him directly to the appropriate place and wait for him to urinate. This will give him the impression that you are waiting for him to do his stuff in the right place. You can also make sure your puppy does not run back inside the house to urinate.

Create a Cozy Crate for Your Puppy

Puppies never want to soil the crate where they are sleeping. Make sure you put in some comfortable old blankets or bed covers so that your puppy will like his crate. Bring his crate in your room at night to add a higher level of comfort to your puppy. A good tip on how to house train a puppy is to bring him outdoors at night when you sense his restlessness. Wait outside until he finishes his stuff. You can also use a litter box instead of waking up every few hours.

Carry Your Puppy outside Your House Every Morning

This is to make sure your puppy will not soil the carpet and floor as he goes outside. Just like humans, puppies also have the need to relieve themselves every morning. If you have not trained your puppy to control this yet, then make sure you wake up early every morning and bring him outside.

These tips on how to house train a puppy are very useful, especially to those who are having a hard time, and for new puppy owners who don’t know how to begin their puppy training. Soon your puppy will learn to control this feeling and pee only in the right places. This will also serve as your puppy’s potty training as he grows older.



source: How to House Train a Puppy