Dog Facts



Now we all know how great a canine companion can be, but how well do you know your dog. Here are some fun facts about dogs that will really change the way you view your wonderful pet.

Did you know….

    1. Dogs have sweat glands in between their paws.
    2. Dog shoulder blades are unattached from the rest of the body to allow for greater flexibility when running.
    3. Puppies can be rejected by a mother if they are born via cesarean and then cleaned before being returning back to her.
    4. Dogs have 3 eyelids on each eye.
    5. Apple and pear seeds contain traces of arsenic, which can be potentially harmful to dogs.
  1. A puppy is born deaf, blind and without teeth.
  2. The first ever instance of dogs being a pet originated over 12,000 years ago. It started from wolves taking a liking to being permanent human companions and since has evolved over the years.
  3. Dalmatians are completely white at birth.
  4. A dogs hearing is so refined it can determine a sounds source in 1/600 of a second and can hear out for sounds around four times further than any human.
  5. It takes u to 18 muscles to move dog ear.
  6. The sense of touch is one of the first senses a dog develops. Its whole body, including their paws, is covered in touch-sensitive nerve endings.
  7. It is estimated that there are currently 400 million dogs in the world.
  8. Amongst world rankings the US has the largest population of dogs. France comes in a close second place.
  9. Dog nose prints are only unique to them and them only. Similar to human fingerprints, dog nose print can be used to identify each dog uniquely.
  10. It is much easier for dogs to learn a spoken command if served in conjunction with hand signals or gestures.
  11. It only takes two dogs together to initiate a pack. Whilst in a pack dogs more likely to hunt and chase.
  12. Dogs can see in color, however it is recognized that they most likely see colors close to the color blind human. These colors are also better seen in low light.
  13. Studies have proved that petting dogs can lower the blood pressure of the owner.
  14. The average dog can run at approximately 19mph, Greyhounds being the fastest can reach speeds of up to 45mph.
  15. The oldest dog known to record was an Australian Cattle dog named Bluey. Bluey lived to an astonishing 29 years and 5 months. In human years that equates to being over 160 years old.
  16. Dogs can smell 1,000 times better than any human, in comparison humans have up to 5 million smell-detecting cells, whilst dogs have more than 220 million. The part of the brain responsible for smell is also 4 times larger in a dog compared to a human.
  17. Studies show that potentially dogs have the ability to smell cancer from smelling the breath of the human responsible.
  18. A dog can interpret age, sex, emotion and whether sick or healthy from smelling another canines urine.
  19. Comparatively, dogs are as smart as a two to three year old human and have the ability to learn 150-200 words.
  20. The smartest known breeds are the Border Collie and the Poodle, while the least intelligent are the Afghan Hound and the Basenji.
  21. Some stray Russian dogs have worked out how to use the Subway system in order to travel to high food dense areas.
  22. Seeing eye dogs are trained so well that they pee and poo on command, this is so the owner can clean up after them.
  23. The wetness on dog nose is important in determining the direction in which the smell comes from.
  24. The original spiked collar was invented in ancient Greece. It was made to protect a dog throat from a wolf attacks.
  25. Dog urine has enough acid strength that it corrodes metal.
  26. The Basenji dog is the only breed of dog who is rendered barkless.
  27. Chihuahuas are the only known dog breed to be born with a soft spot on their skull which over time closes.
  28. A one year old dog has the same maturity as a 15 year old human.
  29. Basset Hounds cannot swim, whilst the Newfoundland is the strongest of the dog family due to their genetic inheritance of webbed feet.
  30. It has been proven that dogs have no sense of ‘time’.
  31. The largest breed of dog is the Irish Wolfhound, the smallest being the chihuahua.
  32. The St. Benard is the heaviest known dog.
  33. There are 703 pure bred dog breeds
  34. Puppies in their beginning weeks are known to sleep for 90% of the day.
  35. Although born blind their vision isn’t fully developed until 1 month of age.
  36. Dogs are all direct descendants of wolves.
  37. Wolves and dogs have the ability to mate and produce fertile offspring.
  38. There are around 10 breeds of dog that only have a lifespan of 6-8 years.



source: Dog Facts