Protein Shake Only Diet



Are you trying to lose as much body fat as you can? Do you want to keep yourself as lean mass as possible? Try the protein shake only diet and the results will be visible in just a couple of days. Limit your intake of proteins via shakes, thus consuming less than one thousand calories per day, hydrate your body regularly and that excess fat will simply go away and never come back. Five or six days on this diet will not have a significant effect on your health, even though many people advise against the protein shake diet.

The Protein Shake Only Diet Plan – What does it Consist of?

The protein shake only diet plan means consuming nothing but protein shakes and vegetables for five to seven days straight. Protein powder is combined with vegetables, such as spinach and tomatoes, mixed in a blender and consumed in the form of a shake. This is all you are allowed to consume while you are on the protein shake diet. After you have completed your set goal, you can slowly start to introduce healthy meals. If you have no problem drinking your food, you will lose those extra pounds in no time. You just have to stick to it, find the necessary will power and get through the crises! Keep in mind that the calorie intake should be close to BMR (basal metabolic rate – weight x 12), since low BMR levels can have a serious impact on your health.

The Protein Shake Only Diet Plan – Pros and Cons

The protein shake only diet is great for losing lots of weight in a very short period of time, but unless you follow the health-preserving instructions, you might find yourself in a bit of a pickle. Since our body needs “fuel” and you are aiming to reduce the amount of that “fuel”, you might struggle to keep your energy levels at a normal level. If you significantly reduce the BMR levels (40 to 50%), you might endanger your health. This type of deficit in the BMR levels is used only in extreme cases when a drastic slowdown of the metabolism is much needed. This type of diet means giving up all kinds of solid food. Giving up solid food means cutting off your body from numerous necessary nutrients. Think about it – is that a real necessity for you?

The Protein Shake Only Diet – A Shortcut Better Left Untaken

If you have your mind set on the protein shake only diet, keep in mind that you must be careful and be very smart about it. Firstly, you must use fiber supplements, fish oil, flax seed or peanuts. A bit of solid food is advisable. If you want to drink protein shakes, choose protein shakes that are pure protein, but also have some carbohydrates in their composition. Keep your body hydrated all day long and drink up to 3-5 protein (250 calories per serving) shakes a day. Make sure you take vitamins and food supplements. A shortcut does not mean a long-term solution. One needs a completely new healthy dietary plan to stay fit.



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