Is Fast Weight Loss is a Healthy Way to Lose Weight



There is only one simple solution for weight loss. Eat fewer calories and burn more. There are several diets and exercises that promise you a very fast weight loss. Though weight loss is possible through these diets, sticking to the body weight and maintaining it at the same level is very difficult. Instead, losing weight in a gradual way by burning fat is a much better way for achieving consistent results. In order to burn fat, we need to eat sensibly and exercise every day.

The advantages of fast weight loss

Every kind of weight loss has benefits to offer. With a faster weight loss, you get motivated and a good feeling. Probably you will make more efforts to keep your weight consistent. It is very useful for occasions like weddings and other important events where one wants to look thinner. Within a short period of time, only these yo-yo diets work.

The disadvantages of fast weight loss

Fast weight loss has more disadvantages than benefits. Even though you lose weight very fast it is by cutting down calories and carbohydrates. The body’s metabolism needs carbohydrates to function. The body starts losing water rapidly when carbohydrates are completely cut off from your diet. As a result you achieve faster weight loss. However when you start eating normally again, you gain the weight faster than you lost it. This is the biggest disadvantage of fast weight loss and it is called a Yo-yo diet plan. Even if you stick to your original diet, for some time, the body still gains weight through water retention. It is not possible for any person to stick to a zero carb diet for their entire life.

Which is the right way to lose weight?

If you want to lose weight and maintain the weight consistently, then exercising and choosing the right foods is very important. The best way to lose weight is to lose fat from the body. There are several kinds of diets that help to burn fat from the body. Most of the healthy diets do not advocate on skipping meals or reducing carbs. Instead they increase proteins and make sure that the body uses up the carbs completely. Also healthy diets advice on smaller meals that is rich in protein and also high in nutrition. They aim at increasing the body’s metabolism. The advantages of this kind of weight loss, is that you are not likely to gain the weight back even if you make some small alterations to your diet. Even though it takes a longer time to lose weight through this method, the results are lasting.  Eating a high protein diet and exercising is a sure shot way of losing weight. The body’s metabolism increases to such a level, that even if you eat a little bit more, there is no threat of gaining weight.  Exercising also makes the body stronger. A strong body sues up more calories to build energy.


source: Is Fast Weight Loss is a Healthy Way to Lose Weight