What are high energy foods?



Energy is very important for carrying out daily activities. One of the biggest energy sources for the body is food. Some people might harvest comparatively a higher energy requirement to carry out daily activities while others do not.  That is why these people need to consume high energy foods in order to gain energy quickly. Nowadays, there are many options available when it comes to high energy foods.

There are a wide variety of foods, which contain different nutrient, which will give us high energy. Some of the high energy foods are listed below-


There is high number of vegetables, which are rich in energy. However, some of these vegetables, which are greatest source of energy, are asparagus, sprouts, broccoli, and spinach.


Nuts are not only rich in vitamins but they also provide as a great source of energy. Some of these nuts are peanuts, soy nuts and almonds.


Yogurt contain high amount of vitamin B, which can be converted into energy.  This vitamin also helps to convert other nutrients of the body into energy. However, too much yogurt may raise the fat level, which is bad for health. Some people mix both nuts and yogurt together to get a good food.


Eggs contain proteins, which provide everyone with sufficient energy. However, it is best not to eat more than three eggs a week.


Fruits are very rich in vitamins, which can be converted into high energy. One of the greatest sources of energy is vitamin C, which helps reduce weakness for the whole day. Both oranges and citrus foods contains high amount of Vitamin C.


Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are the greatest sources of energy. Beside, they can be eaten alone as a snack as well as with other foods.

Many people think that high energy foods only contain carbohydrates. However, people need to maintain a balance between fat, sugar and protein, which are great sources of energy. Junk foods and snacks sometimes provide great source of energy however, they can have other major side effects. Sometimes, it is best to consume these snacks a day before to get the necessary energy needed for them.

Both breakfast and lunch should contain high amount of energy foods.  In order to ensure that there is high energy to start a day and continue until evening.  Some of the high energy foods which can be included in the menu are spinach or cheese sticks. When it comes to dinner, very low energy foods are needed as necessary as it is the time to retire and rest. However, it is the best thing to plan meals ahead because sometimes high energy foods are needed and sometimes not. Lastly, the best thing to do is to eat small meals throughout the day, which gives more energy compared to large meals, which make us lazy.

It is very essential for people to include high energy food in their daily diet.  During weakness or fatigue, high energy foods give everyone extra strength to go an extra mile.  However, everyone should take these foods in moderation.



source: What are high energy foods?