Heart Disease in Women



Women are very strong mentally and can sustain through even the toughest of situations or disease in life. They won’t bother about their own health issues but are always after taking care of their children and other family members.

And, taking advantage of this for- granted behavior for themselves, the diseases creep in their bodies, silently. Many women are not even aware of the major threats to their health, like heart diseases and strokes.

There is a joke shared among the males, to remove their frustration against the females, which says “Most of the deaths occurring due to heart attacks are of the male patients, why so? – Because females don’t have a heart. Ha ha ha”. Funny enough? Actually not.

Heart diseases are in the list of top 10 causes of death in the United States. And talking about women mortality ratio, then the problem of heart issues is at the number one position, while stroke is at three.

Not only death, but worse conditions like life long disability of some organ of the body (due to paralysis) are also the out comes of heart problems and strokes.

Coronary heart disease in women is the most widespread form of heart problems among women, which prove fatal. This disease is also referred to as coronary artery disease or CAD. In this disease there is plaque seen to have built up on the inner walls of the arteries that are used by the body to carry blood from the heart (the power house of blood) to other organs, like the brain, hands, legs and others.

This plaque, which may cause due to deposition of excessive fat on the walls of arteries, causes the width of the arteries to narrow and the passage for the flow of blood is reduced. This causes the flow of the blood through the arteries to reduce and as a result the blood induces more and more pressure to make way for flowing. This is how high blood pressure issues come into picture.

The narrowing of the arteries lessens the flow of blood and, hence, the supply of blood to the main organs of the body, like the brain. The brains cells need enough blood for functioning in an appropriate manner, without harm.

When this does not happen, as in case of CAD, the brain cells begin to fade. This situation causes mini stroke, means the body organs do not function properly for some time, due to less or delayed supply of blood.

Moreover, there are cases when the blood flow paths clot with plaque. The arteries get completely blocked and there is no way for blood to and fro the heart. This ceases the blood from reaching the brain and, as a result, the brain cells start dying. This condition is called the stroke.

A stroke can cause temporary, partial or complete paralysis of the body. Development of blood clots and blockages in the way of the blood flowing towards the heart can cause a heart disease in women. The severity of the attack depends on the duration for which the blood stays at distance from the heart.

Among all this bad stuff, there is good news. A female can take steps to reduce her chances of facing a heart attack or a stroke. One must analyze the personal risk factors for a heart disease in women, and then appropriate steps to lower the risks or uproot them directly.

Learn about the various warnings of heart attack and stroke conditions, and observe them with alertness. Often it happens that a heart disease takes over just because the signs and warnings are disregarded, esp. in women. Once the warning signs are discovered, the promptness and correctness in choosing a treatment for the patient and practicing it on her can save a lot of despair.

In case of heart health, there is never a late to commit to challenge the diseases and promise your body to acquire a healthy heart.



source: Heart Disease in Women