Go Green – Win Life with Green Tea


Most of us are habituated to having some or the other beverage at least twice a day. Tea and coffee are the most common beverages of all, and when surveyed, tea was more common among these two.

People are just crazy about tea. Some say they cannot proceed to work before having tea. Some cannot start up from the bed unless they have the bed tea. It is as if they are addicted to it.


Well, it is true that caffeine acts as a stimulant for one’s body and makes him feel more alert and awake. They find themselves fresher and their work easier with tea. But caffeine has many side effects also. It is the main ingredient that causes acidity in the body, if taken in excessive amounts.

Caffeine is also a prohibited ingredient for migraine patients. Then what to do? Quit tea? Nope! Okay so you need to be suggested with an alternative. How about green tea? Great! But that is also a tea? Okay, come along with me to have these questions answered.

Green tea, like any other tea, consists of caffeine. Caffeine is a natural ingredient present in the tea leaves; it is inseparable.

But there are other constituents of green tea like theophylline, theobromine, polyphenols, fat, carotenes, wax, vitamins A & C, saponins, other vitamins like B1, B12, K and P, essential oils, fluoride, magnesium, iron, calcium, nickel, copper, zinc and flavonols.

These ingredients dilute the adversities of caffeine on the internal organs of the body. As well as the inclusion of these elements, the advantage is that these ingredients are involved in the tea in appropriate quantities. The product is called green tea because of its health beneficial constituents.

There are high amounts of anti-oxidants in green tea leaves, which as natural weapons against heart diseases, lung cancer, cancer in general, strokes, diabetes, and many of the serious conditions. As well as diseases, anti- oxidants also take care of the aging process and slow it down. Let’s have a look at other pros of green tea on health.

I have personally collected these details from family and friends about green tea and its health benefits. I found 7 of them, the tried and trusted ones. Have a look below.

Loss of Weight

Over weight is the most critical and easily unsolvable problem most of the tea drinkers are facing today. Green tea is a health beverage drinking which will aid your weight loss process. The ingredients of the green tea keep the consumer filled up and help curbing the appetite. One can burn more number of calories when consumed green tea.

Anti- aging medicine

Most of the mid- aged men and women wish to look younger and undergo many of the cosmetic trails for the same. To them, I’d like to address that drink green tea instead. It is rich in antioxidants like vitamins A and C.  Antioxidants are capable of destroying the free radicals that act as toxins for the body and that cause damage the skin cell membranes. This damage of cell membranes causes the cells to fade off or behave abnormally and lead to diseases like cancer and heart problems. Damage of the cells at the skin level leads to an early show up of the aging process and the signs of aging begin to appear. Green tea slows down the process of aging and makes one look and feel younger even if the secret of his real age is grave.

Relief from asthma

Theophylline acts as a muscle relaxant and it is present in green tea in well satisfactory amounts. This element causes the relaxation of the muscles that support the bronchial tubules. This diminishes the abilities of the condition of asthma from obstructing the normal breathing process.

Controls the blood pressure

High blood pressure can indirectly be a threat to life, via heart attacks or strokes. These conditions are due to clots of blood in the vessels closure of the blood flow passages due to excessive fat deposition on the inner walls of the blood vessels. Green tea constituents prevent the formation of these clots and avert the vessels from getting blocked, thus abolishing the conditions and bringing the BP level down.

Against cancer

As described above, the anti- oxidants in green tea prevent the body cells from getting damaged. Cancer is a condition which is caused due to the abnormal behavior of the body cells due to some damage caused to them. Thus, drinking green tea eliminates or at least reduces the risk of cancer. Green tea also improves blood circulation to a high extent, thus preventing cancers like leukemia.

Reducing cholesterol levels

Studies and researches have shown that green tea is a health drink that reduces the level of cholesterol in the body. This improvement directly solves half the health problems of one’s life; and the rest of them, like high BP, heart diseases and stokes, get answered automatically, on their own.

Anti- infection agent

Green tea acts as an anti- infection agent. It guards the body against infection by causing advancements in the immune system of the body. Dealing with infections and allergies is under the immune system’s department. A stronger immune system, rather an apposite one, can fence one’s being against various health issues.

As well as all these advantages in favor of one’s better health, green tea is capable of treating conditions like sun burns, skin blemishes, bumps and rashes, etc, due to the antiseptic properties present in it. It also helps relax the eyes tired from straining, along with performing other obvious functions of stimulation, freshening and relaxation that a tea is bound to do. Green tea is not only a tea; in a way, it’s a health drink.