Early warning signs of a stroke


When the brain stops functioning due to the disturbance to the central nervous system’s blood supply it is known as a stroke. As the central nervous system controls all the functions of our body, the stoppage of its function causes a number of inabilities in our bodily function which ranges from incapability of movement, speaking, vision or any visual performances.

Stroke can occur due to the lack of blood flow or internal leakage of blood in the brain. Undoubtedly this is a life threatening disease that must be prevented before we go for its cure. Now, for its prevention we must emphasize on the early warning signs of a stroke in our life.

However, the early warning signs of stroke cannot be categorized in one. It can be more than scores of signs behind this debilitating disease.


The early warning signs of a stroke are mostly attributed to lifestyle of a person what he indulges more than his life. Sedentary lifestyle, obesity, stress, smoking and alcohol consumption are the most prominent in this list.

In addition to the lifestyle, certain disease conditions also pose as warning signs for a person for a stroke. Among these are cardiac diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure work as major factors for causing a stroke in the future life of a patient.

It is also important to know that using some medications can also cause side effects which subsequently cause strokes. For instance, use of oral contraceptives for a long time is one of the major factors behind the cause of a stroke.

Apart from the above warning signs, there are certain risk factors that remain unchanged by any means. These include the patient’s age, gender, socioeconomic status and ethnicity. Sometimes a mild stroke can also provide as an early warning sing for the patient.

Therefore, early warning signs of a stroke are not in a singular perspective. It is a combination of many on which one has to consider prudently before it is too late. High-tech testing such as CT scanning, MRI testing, and PET scanning can detect the normal blood flow in the brain.

Testing for brain malfunction, blood flow problems, and even allergies can also help detect the signs quite easily. It is not a simple and straightforward task to reverse the adverse effects of an escalated stroke risk.

It must be started with hard work, among which exercises, healthy diet and leading a healthy lifestyle should have top priority. Even after one mild stroke it is better to have precautionary steps to forestall the future risks.

Prevention of any type of disease can be done from the birth if proper education is given to the children by the parents.

For that, every person should have to be educated of such deadly disease like stroke that can paralyze a person for his life or even kill.

For that, we have to think again and try to identify the early warning signs that can be prevented by utilizing a proper health strategy.