Healthy Snack Foods – Health Boomers or Betrayers



We all are aware of the health consciousness that is spreading like a viral fever. It is good, isn’t it?

People are getting to know that they need to wake from the deep sleep and get on the job of rescuing themselves from the various health hazards. The thing that most people are getting aware about is healthy diets and foods. A good healthy snack on the go, in between your meals is a great choice for health and hunger satisfaction.

Most of us recognize a jelly glazed doughnut as an over- caloried unhealthy snacky treat. We also know that hitting the fronts of a snack vending machine in the later hours of the afternoon is not a healthy act at all.

But we do consider some other options, we think healthy, to treat our hunger and food cravings with justice. Are these so- assumed healthy snack foods really health preserving? Not necessarily. Let us find out.

We need to concentrate more on what fills us with the least of eating, while we choose a healthy snacks. Even a snack pack consisting of 100 calories may be assumed to be healthy but actually it does not fill you for the while, since there may be just high sugar doses in it rather than any dietary fiber.

Foods rich in dietary fiber are really worth being called the healthy snack foods as they keep you filled for longer hours since they take more time to digest.

If you are finding it difficult to make choices for yourself in this foodie context, I suggest you roasted Edamame to relax a salty craving for a crunchy snack. This is because there is a whole lot of fiber in Edamame, along with protein, and the good fat. Go for the non- fat Greek yogurt, rich in protein and poor with sugars, with some fresh berries seasoned upon.

Vitamin rich foods like fruits and juices may be thought of as healthy substitutes to other eatables, when hungry. But are we aware of the amounts of calories they contain in the name of natural sugar?

Fruit smoothies are always tempting and thought to be good diet options, but they aren’t so. A 16 ounce smoothie drink is consistent with over 200 calories and the count can rise with particular fruits. This is quite a high calorie count to be consumed between the meals, and hence, it is bound to be considered unhealthy.

While, on the other hand, there are alternative smoothies, like 8 ounces of low- cal berries smoothie with low- fat yogurt used or milk instead. The sugar in this kind of a juice is substituted by proteins in the dairy ingredients, which take longer to get digested and keep one full for more number of hours before dinner.

A parfait aisle, rich in yogurt and luscious berries, may seem a healthier choice for breakfast compared to the heavier muffins or bagels. But having it from a ready- to- eat counter is not healthy. They use whole yogurt and sugary granolas to prepare the store parfait and you may not see but the snack is loaded with calories. Instead, choose to prepare your own parfait at home with beaten low- fat Greek yogurt, a cereal that is high in fiber and your own fruit cut up. This shall definitely serve you as one of the best healthy snack foods at the breakfast table.

Energy bars are supposed to be really healthy and crunchy off- meal snacks. But not all of them are prepared with equal kinds and amounts of cereals, which are considered to be of perfect health. Many of these energy bars consist of too much of sugar and proteins that serve for the entry of a high- calorie snack rather than a healthy one.

The popularity of these snacks is due to their grab- and- go nature. But make sure you go through the nutrition label at the back of the pack before you opt for an energy bar, while on the go. Choosing bars with less than 200 calories is a good preference. An alternative is about a dozen of pistachios that can efficiently provide the required amounts of proteins, fiber and the good fat to the body – a crunchy snack on the go.

One simple thumb rule needs to be followed here. Before hitting on anything of the assumed healthy snack foods, the sugar content of the same must be made a check upon. Sugar leaves more cravings for food in one’s body than filling him up.



source: Healthy Snack Foods – Health Boomers or Betrayers