Causes of Deafness in Human



Ears are one of the 5 sense organs of the human body. Not to mention that sense organs are the most important organs. Hearing is one basic necessity of the living beings, or else communication, the essence of social life, would become a tedious job.

The loss of hearing, or deafness, can occur in a human being due to various causes. This is when the person loses the sense of hearing due to some damage to the audible organs or parts of the brain that control hearing.

Loss of hearing is a common sight among the aged, but even young people, even children, are seen to suffer from this syndrome of loss of hearing. Most common causes of deafness in human body have been explained further.

Temporary deafness causes

The kind of deafness that occurs due to minor and correctable reasons is known as temporary deafness. Curing the cause can restore loss of hearing back to normal hearing.

Ear wax

You might have observed, or rather felt, the waxy substance just inside your ears, near the opening of the audible cavity. The ear canal consists of a waxy substance that is responsible for protection of the ear from invasion of insects, wasps and other harmful objects. This ear wax, tasting bitter, acts as a poison for these invasive beings. However, regular cleaning of this wax is necessary. If not done so, the over collection of wax in the ear canal can block it, leading to gradual and temporary deafness. It acts as an obstruction in the way of a sound traveling from the ear to the brain. As a result, the brain does not receive an impulse, from the ear nerves, of a sound and cannot interpret it, which is commonly known as deafness syndrome.

Invasion of foreign objects

Sometimes, due to heavy wind may be, we feel some external entity got stuck inside our ear. Or it may be a purposely inserted cotton ear plug to ban the noise but which, later, refuses to come out and gets stuck in the ear. These air and noise pollutions are indirectly responsible for the temporary human deafness. A similar activity occurs in this case too. The external object blocks the ear canal, thus, restricting the sound signal to pass to the brain. Thus, such foreign objects act as causes of deafness in human beings.

An effect of Flu

A person suffering from flu may have mucus produced in his body in excessive amounts. This mucus also clots the ear canal opening. Gradually, the Eustachian tube inside the ear is also blocked and thus the sound signals are confined from reaching the ear drum and, thus, the brain.

Side effects of Drugs

Drugs are medications taken for certain diseases and health complications are also found to be causes of deafness in human ears. Chloroquine and Aminoglycosides are some of such drugs that cause temporary deafness in people who use them.

Well, this was all about temporary deafness. There are certain environmental, health- related and personal causes that lead to permanent deafness. Let us have a look.

Permanent deafness

Temporary deafness, if not taken care of or not corrected the causes, can lead to permanent deafness. However, there are a few other Deafness causes that is permanent.

 Noise pollution

One of the main causes of deafness in human is the noise pollution. Loud noises conduce to bring severe harm to the delicate, tiny and complicated mechanism of the auditory system of human body. A daily exposure to loud noises is the main reason for gradual routing in of permanent deafness. Though wearing of ear buds could prevent the damage, yet harsh noise is capable of causing an irreversible harm.

Danger that the diseases pose

Certain diseases are known to bring symptoms that can be as grave as causing permanent human deafness. Some of them are meningitis, chicken pox, mumps, cytomegalovirus, etc. Most of the deafness cases among children are due to diseases like mumps and chicken pox.

Fault of the age

As mentioned earlier, growing age is one reason for deafness, the one which eventually becomes permanent. As a person gets older, the auditory nerves and the brain cells that are responsible for performing the hearing action go on getting weaker. In short, the auditory mechanism gets weaker. Hence, hearing ability is diminished among the aged. This is the reason why deafness is common among older people.

Heredity – a rare cause

Though rare in occurrence, but deafness is sometimes caused by heredity also. Parents or ancestors of some people may posses a severe deafness and, hence, the genes pass the syndrome to the newer generation as well. The initial possessors of deafness in the line may have got the condition due to some accident or any other cause, and they accidentally pass the flawed genes to their children. The successor of a person, deaf by birth, has greater chances of being deaf by birth or attaining deafness anytime in life. However, it is not necessary that kid of a deaf person has to be deaf.



source: Causes of Deafness in Human