What is the HCG Diet Plan?



People nowadays have realized that HCG diet plan will become the perfect choice of an effort in overcoming obesity. What people should know about what is the HCG diet plan indeed is about how they understand the success rate that they can gain by this plan. HCG can represent both the products and the diet plan. HCG is the substance produced by pregnant women in supporting the baby to grow. The HCG products that we can find on the marketplace in fact may help people suppress their appetite to gain weight reduction. It will be great if the products are combined with proper diet manner that such product also provides. There are some facts and factors that may lead to failure in applying HCG diet plans actually.


  • First fact that you need to know about HCG diet plan products and supplements on the marketplace is that they barely contain the real HCG. Although such supplements still have an effect in reducing appetite, the real HCG may require prescription from the doctor indeed.
  • Second information that you should know of what is the HCG diet plan supplement is about the cost of the products. Many people indeed have proven that HCG diet supplements that they purchase from the marketplace may serve good progress in reducing their weight. Yet, because of the expensive price, those people prefer to obtain the diet plan strategy better compared to such supplements.

If you are type of people who still wonder about what is the HCG diet plan that you can apply to combat obesity, there are some phases that you need to pass through from such diet plan. They are loading, burning, and maintaining stage. People indeed should follow protocols that such HCG diet plan provides. Yet, still there are many factors that can make people gain failure. There are some tips to avoid such diet plan failure actually:

  • Always avoid in cheating your diet plan. After you decide about the amount of calorie that you need to consume daily, for example is 500, don’t ever cheat your consumption in eating more than such decided amount. This only can lead to failure of diet indeed.
  • Next tip is about how you differentiate about protein that you gain from steak, meat, and similar foods with the protein from fish, chicken, and others. It is indeed that the second first type of protein source should be reduced in your diet plan.
  • One of the biggest factors of failure is indeed constipation. In avoiding this matter to bother you with your HCG diet plan. You should pay attention in consuming food that may help you to clean your colon to gain regular bladder. You can also consume vitamins or other food supplement in supporting your function of colon actually.
  • While you may wonder what is the HCG diet plan’s biggest failure factor the answer will be your consistency. It means that you need to stick to HCG diet plan that you follow. If it is necessary, you can hire guidance from professional to monitor your progress actually.


source: What is the HCG Diet Plan?