What are the benefits of losing weight?



This question may have crossed your mind on a number of occasions recently if you are like the millions Americans today with expanding waistlines.

They say that in order for us to change any habit in life, and get different results, that we have to perceive more pain attached to continuing the habit than stopping it. If we apply this idea to weight loss we can think about all the negative sides to being overweight and there are plenty to choose from, but it’s also important to look at the many benefits of losing weight and to let them sink into your mind.

When we do this we will chart a steadier course to weight loss and the scales will start to tip in our favor- at last!

Check out the following ideas on the benefits of losing weight and use them to help you drop those pounds if you’re struggling with your weight at the moment.

1)     The meaningful benefit

If you are looking at a benefit to losing weight and are using it to motivate yourself to become slimmer make sure that the benefit is meaningful to you. Take a moment and think about what is most important in your life and then think about how losing weight will help you experience more of this thing that you love and value. It could be having more energy and time with the kids or it could be more time bike riding-you chose.

2)     The energy effect

Everything in life is energy. It’s the fabric of all existence. If you are overweight and manage to lose some of it you will have more energy and vitality in your life. As a result of having more energy you will feel more zest and “joie de vivre” every day. Who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?

3)     The core physical benefits

If you’re not impressed by having more energy there are also a long list of benefits to losing weight on a core physical level that will work wonders for you. Some of the health benefits of weight loss can include a reduction in blood pressure, improvement in breathing, better sleep, reduction in aches and pains and an  improvement in blood sugar.

4)     The psychological effect

Amongst all these physical benefits let’s not forget about all the psychological advantages to losing weight too. When you are lighter you can naturally feel better about yourself and feel more attractive to the opposite sex. It’s difficult to argue with that combo of benefits.

Did you know that most diets fail because they are just too hard to stick to and the food is just not nice enough for us to stay on them long term? The sad fact is though, that it doesn’t have to be like this. You can lose weight while eating some of the nicest food you can buy.



source: What are the benefits of losing weight?