Nutrition tips for kids



Nowadays children don’t want to eat proper food, they don’t like fruits and vegetables and other nutritious foods. They only like snacks and junk food in fact they all love them, but these unhealthy foods can turn out to be very dangerous in long run as it can lead to many problems such as growth abnormalities, learning problem at school, behavioral problem etc. So children should be given only nutritious food and to help parents to get rid of this problem, there are some Nutrition tips for kids. These tips should be strictly followed in order to rest assure that your child growth doesn’t get disturbed.

There are certain food groups for kids and the diet for a kid should include food from all the groups as this ensures that the child is getting all the required nutrition in his/her diet. The five food groups for kids are starchy food, fruits and vegetables, dairy foods, meat and protein, and fatty & sugary foods. Starchy food consists of those food items in which starch is present in adequate amount, for e.g. bread, cereals, potato, rice, and pasta. And dairy foods include milk, curd, cheese and other items which are made of milk, these items are very important for the growth of a child as according to doctors, a child should consume 1 glass of milk, 125 gr of yogurt and 30 gm of cheese everyday for a better growth of child. Apart from these fatty and sugary foods also has very important part to play in nutrition tips for kids as fats are the useful source of energy for kids.

Apart from these things, parents should also keep a check on kid’s calories intake that how much calorie a child is taking per day, because the intake of calories should be different according to the nature of child as more the child is active more will be its calorific intake and vice versa. And if a child takes extra calories everyday than what is required then the child may become fatty, that’s why government has issued a proper guideline chart for calorific intake of a child according to their age. Parents should also keep a check on the salt intake of a child as too much of salt intake can lead to high blood pressure as this problem occurs very rarely in child but it can occur in long run. So, along with reference to nutrition tips for kids you should also refer to salt and calorific intake charts for better growth of child.

Apart from all these things kids’ diet should also include foods rich in vitamin D and rich in iron. Iron is very important for a child as it helps blood to carry oxygen around the body and vitamin D makes the body strong. So, parents should follow all these nutrition tips for kids to experience problem free growth of their child and when the growth of child is good then he/she becomes a healthy and fit person in future.



source: Nutrition tips for kids