Benefits of olive oil in food




Nowadays in market so many cooking oils are available so it becomes very difficult to select one which gives the best result. In today’s life when peoples doesn’t have time to do workout and the work they do also doesn’t involve any physical strength so the oil which we use should be cholesterol free and helps in making our body healthy. Olive oil is one of the oil which has so many qualities and is beneficial for health.


–Olive oil has so many health benefits that if we start counting them we get tired but its health benefits do not come to an end. A doctor prescribes two tablespoon of olive oil every day so that you can enjoy the health benefits it provides. It makes our immune system stronger and helps in fighting against viruses. Olive oil is also effective in curing against many diseases such as cancer, oxidative stress, heart diseases, diabetes, blood pressure etc. The phytonutrient present in this oil gives the same effect as of ibuprofen, so reduces the risk of breast cancer and also prevents its recurrence. Other than this there are other components also present in olive oil which has prominent effect on cancer.

–This oil prevents you from heart attacks as it lowers the cholesterol level in your blood. A person got a heart attack when any blood clot develops in an artery and it blocks the flow of blood to brain which results in a stroke, and there are some components present in olive oil which helps in prevention of heart attack and this was cleared by researchers all over the world. This oil also keeps the heart young as it slows down the speed of ageing of a heart as there are some mono-saturated fats present in this oil and it improves the functioning of our arteries.

–Olive oil is also helpful in many other diseases such as diabetes, osteoporosis and also prevents skin cancer. Amount of saturated fats present in olive oil is very low and it is rich in soluble fiber which is very effective in prevention of diabetes, it lowers the level of bad lipoproteins and controls the blood sugar level. This oil also helps in improving bone calcification and mineralization; it helps in absorption of calcium and plays an important role in curing patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis.

–Apart from all these health benefits olive oil also helps in preventing person from skin cancer and depression, as it is rich in antioxidants that is why it helps slowing down the pace of skin cancer. So, now it is very much clear that olive oil is the best cooking oil and it helps in curing and preventing so many diseases and it can also be used to enhance your beauty because it is rich in antioxidants and that is why it can also be used as a beauty product such as scrub, hair oil etc. So, now on-wards never get confused in selecting your cooking oil always use olive oil and experience its health benefits.



source: Benefits of olive oil in food