Are You Keeping Track of the Calories in Those Fruit Drinks



One important reason why we find it as hard as we do to lose weight in the summer or any other time of the year for that matter is that a lot of the liquids that we drink to stay hydrated, are loaded with rich sources of sugar and calories. If we could just begin to think about the calories in the drinks we drink, we would begin to have an easier time with our weight loss plans.

The problem with calories in drinks is these a lot of us don’t pay attention to the ingredient labeling on the drinks we buy. If it’s rich food that was eating, our bodies do a pretty good job of giving us a feel of how much we’d eaten. We begin to feel really full really quickly if it’s a food product high in calories.

Unfortunately, the juices, energy drinks and sodas that we love so much, are very rich liquids some of which are extremely high in calories. They are loaded with sugars. Our bodies don’t help us out either by giving us a full feeling when we consume these drinks. We could easily down a couple of glasses of soda, a tall strawberry smoothie and a glass of Tropicana fruit juice in a space of about three hours, and not even realize it.

If you’re really serious about losing weight it’s important that you to begin to learn about what is in those drinks that we all consume from time to time. It’s important to learn to stay aware of how many calories you are downing every time you get a healthy drink of anything. You can learn ways to stay hydrated without getting any unhealthy calories in as well.

Have you ever thought about why do you choose sugar-packed fruit drinks all the time? Is it because you find that water is too bland? You can perk water or seltzer up with a touch of fruit juice or fruit. It doesn’t have to be all fruit juice. If that doesn’t quite do it for you, you can use a little bit of artificial sweetener – but only little.

We all get a craving for a tasty sweet drink every now and then and that is okay but is cheat. Buy mini cans or juice boxes. As far as your insistent sense of temptation is concerned, you’ve given it “one full” can or box. Surprisingly this kind of cheating does help. It does manage to trick the body.

When you order that smoothie, make sure it’s a fresh fruit recipe, or even better yet make it yourself they are plenty of healthy smoothie recipes all over the internet. And if you have a coffee habit, be very careful about the kind of dairy you use. Even a small amount can add up if you drink several cups of coffee a day.



source: Are You Keeping Track of the Calories in Those Fruit Drinks