How to sponsor a guide dog for the blind



I’ve recently seen a few adverts that have caught my eye about guide dogs for the blind. I’m sure all of you know how important these amazing dogs are.
For blind people, guide dogs are probably the most important things in the world, offering help, guidance and a companionship that most people are unable to provide. I’m writing this post to show just how easy (and inexpensive) it is to sponsor a guide dog and help with it’s training from the day they are born.

Guide dog training

Once a potential guide dog is grown up and trained, they return to the guide dog school to be evaluated. They are then evaluated on many qualities and assessed as to whether they’d make a good guide dog. This is very important as it shows whether a dog has the intelligence, temperament and health to be a guide dog for the blind.

Guide dogs for the blind enjoy their work, however there is no time during the working day for a typical dog’s idea of fun. If you see a guide dog whilst working (wearing a distinctive harness) try not to pet or offer a treat as it can be awfully distracting. However, when a guide dog isn’t working, they enjoy playing and treats just like any normal dog. The fact that they can distinguish between work and play time just shows how intelligent these dogs really are.

How to sponsor a guide dog for the blind

Guide Dogs For The Blind offer you many options to help train, and home these incredible animals. Just click on the links below to help.

  • There are many fundraising events that you can enter in order to raise money for the charity.
  • If you’ve lost someone close who was blind or partially sighted, you can donate in their memory.
  • Sponsor a guide dog puppy. The charity will keep you in touch with the puppy’s progress and donations start at just £1 a week (tiny amount when you think of what the money is going towards.
  • Guide dog’s Lucky Lottery – with a quarterly prize of up to £3000 (once again, only £1 to enter)
  • Make a monthly donation of only £2 a month.
  • Or if you’re a company, you can make Guide Dogs for the Blind your charity of the year.

There are many other ways you can help this wonderful charity, so please visit their page and find out if there’s anything you can do. It doesn’t cost much, and even if you don’t want to donate, there’s plenty you can offer without having to spend any money.

To finish my post, I’ll leave you with a video showing you just how important these dogs are to the blind and partially sighted. Thanks for reading.


source: How to sponsor a guide dog for the blind