How to have a healthy dog?



A healthy dog is a healthy family. A quick checklist for everyday essentials, giving you a good start to help keep your dog healthy.

  • Dry food nutritional daily requirements
  • vitamins
  • flea, tick and worm treatment up to date
  • healthy treats
  • toys
  • exercise daily
  • interaction such as play time
  • daily training and learning keeps their mind active

One of the most common health problems with Dogs is anxiety and stress, travel sickness can bring on anxiety and stress, what I have found to help ease travel sickness is as simple as having their head out the window, for a larger dog that is relatively easier.

German Shepherds I have had did not have travel sickness or get stressed travelling, but for my smaller dog she stresses from travel, what I did to ease the stress was use a foam pad to raise the seat, also placing some treats on the seat encourages her to get into the car, with the added harness attached to her safety belt enables her to have her head out the window safely, with the seat raised she is able to look out the windows and see what is happening outside and provides a distraction and settles her down and be more relaxed.

There is a number of products which can assist with anxiety and stress.

Incorrect training methods can bring on anxiety stress if using negative reinforcement, an example: yelling, hitting, getting frustrated and take it out on the dog, when they do not respond to your command or makes a mistake and scolding them for it all it does is confuses and stresses them out, do not react to their mistake, use positive reinforcement rewarding them when they do something positive such as a treat and showing affection, another example, toilet training if they make a mistake, which is a common occurrence, if your routine is not consistent with taking them outside on a regular basis, scolding them for it will only produce stress and anxiety, but when they do toilet outside reward them for it with a treat and show them affection, you will find they will want to toilet outside, in fact if they are quick to learn they will go out on their own and return for a treat, what can be amusing is if not monitored they may trick you into thinking they have been and worry you for a treat.

It is important to be aware of your dogs health, keep the yard clean of dog waste for their health, and the chance you step on it, any changes that may occur in your dog get it checked out.

What Some may over look is their dental care, brushing your pets teeth regularly, you maybe surprized about brushing their teeth, just like us it is important to brush our teeth, if you start with them from a puppy you will find it easier, but there are dental sticks if given on a daily basis will assist with dental care, they love them and can think of them as a treat.



source: How to have a healthy dog?