Dog Product Checklist



To help us with what is required, here is a short check list which is a good start.

  • Dog food
  • Harnesses
  • collars
  • leashes
  • feeding bowls
  • grooming items
  • toys, chews
  • id tags
  • training

Dog food

Dry food or wet food should have the daily nutritional value for your puppy, usually your breeder will have a feeding program for your pup, if you are unsure what to feed them check with your breeder and or your vet, if they are on wet food and you want them on dry food do it gradually approx over week or more, change to quickly it may or will upset your puppy’s tummy, always be guided by your vet if unsure or concerned.

Harnesses, Collars and Leashes

Harnesses would be a good choice for your puppy as it is more comfortable, as a collar strains the neck, as a puppy their bones are fragile, I used the collar just for registration tag, which is a good idea to have the tag with your puppy when out.

Feeding Bowls

This will depend on whether your puppy has a long or short or flat nose, deep bowl will make it difficult to feed from, stainless steel feeding bowls would be preferable health wise, some plastic can give off toxins, and affect your pets health.

Grooming tools

These will be brushes use the right ones for your puppy, long hair is good to have different sizes, which enable you to brush gradually, tugging on your puppy long goat can be uncomfortable and damaging to your dogs coat, nail clippers is a good idea to keep them trimmed, letting them get long will increase the quick (the fleshy part) if you cut them they will bleed, although some say walking them on concrete or tar seal can keep them short, but not a good idea to totally rely on that alone. Use shampoos for dogs if you use our shampoos they can be harsh on their coat and skin.

Toys and Chews

Toys do not need to be elaborate or fancy, soft toy, ball, Frisbee can be a rolled up towel for you and your dog to play with. Chews to choose, a bone that matches your dog’s chewing rate and chewing habits. If your dog chews for short periods of time with a soft bite, a smaller rawhide bone that softens easily will be enjoyable. Harder bones will last longer and be more satisfying to the aggressive chewer. Keep in mind that dogs may be choosy about their bones. If at first you don’t succeed, try other bones until you find the perfect chew. Your dog will thank you with a healthy mouth, constructive chewing behaviour, and near constant interest in the bone you’ve chosen.

ID tags

Generally ID tags are your dogs registration for your particular district, you can have a tag with your dogs name and your name and phone number, most dogs now are getting micro chipped for ID, especially if your dog loses the tags it makes it easier to find the owner.


This can be done with a training school, most tend to do the training themselves which is not hard to do if you get the right direction, there is a number of self taught resource material to help, training your pet can bring a lot of satisfaction and fun for both of you, so it is worth learning as much as you can.

You can use the search box to find a specific item related to your dogs needs or any other item you could be looking for. Having a happy healthy dog, the family can have a happy healthy relationship with their dog.



source: Dog Product Checklist