Common Bulldog Myths


English Bulldog Myth #1:  Are Bulldogs very unhealthy ?

– Bulldogs, like many dog breeds can be prone to skin and joint problems, heat stroke, and some other health issues. BUT a well cared for Bulldog from a quality breeder will greatly reduce and even completely diminish these risks. Bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds in the world, and sadly many breeders abuse this fact by selling puppies that don’t come from the best genetic line or care in order to make a quick buck. My Bulldogs Cally and Lily have only ever had a cherry eye which is common among many breeds and is easily fixed by your veterinarian at a low cost. I have however; come across many people who were duped into buying their Bulldog from a “backyard breeder” or pet store. The dogs are often diagnosed with hip or heart problems which can be devastating for the owners. There are so many scams being pushed on unexpecting families who are just trying to save money looking for that “perfect pet”. Proper health care and buying from a reputable source are key to Bulldog health.

English Bulldog Myth #2:  Do Bulldogs chew everything they see and destroy your home!

– It is true that Bulldogs have very strong jaws that enable them to chew just about anything to pieces, but it is not true that they chew anymore than most other dog breeds. Bulldogs love to chew as puppies because they’re teeth are coming in. Just like a child they want to sooth their sore gums while the new teeth are pushing through. During this time they should be given dog treats and teething toys so as to deter them from chewing on your new shoes. With good direction and supervision your home and belongings should remain intact. Raising a puppy takes time and patience, but it is very rewarding.

English bulldog myth #3:  English bulldogs are hard to train.

-While it is true that a bulldog is no Golden Retriever, and won’t do to many very
complicated tricks, it really isn’t too hard to teach a bulldog basic obedience. That being
said you must be consistent with your training and know how to properly train a
dog. Simple commands like “sit”, “stay” and “no” usually are understood by your dog very quickly. It takes patience and time, but training a bulldog is not nearly as difficult as many would make it sound and Bulldogs are very smart in comparison to many other dog breeds. More tips on training will also be discussed later in the

GOOD News!

Our Bulldogs are notoriously healthy. We purposely breed only our Bulldogs that have passed a health inspection by our vet to insure that we are doing our part to improve the breed as well as providing families with exceptional pets. We would never breed a pair of Bulldogs that have any known health issues and our animals are tested before breeding to insure this. We are proud to be able to say that from our last 3 litters of English bulldog puppies we have only been notified by their new owners of a simple cherry eye in a few puppies which is an extremely common and unproblematic defect usually resulting in a short, very inexpensive vet visit. When you consider all the horror stories you may have read about Bulldogs you can see why we are so pleased about our outstanding health record at Red White and Bulldogs!


source: Common Bulldog Myths