Shower cleaning tips



Shower cleaning tips-Compared with a full bath shower saves a lot of time and water. But while you yourself are beautifully clean and fresh, the bathroom then often needs a thorough cleaning. Either you have to edit the shower stall with a puller to prevent lime scale or you’re busy mopping up puddles off the floor because the shower curtain has once again not closed properly. With the right equipment and a few clever tricks budget you can ease the hassle of scrubbing and mopping up after a shower.


A shower wakes up in the morning tired spirits and refreshed in the evening after a long day at work. Be consumed, depending on the duration and flow rate around 40 liters – a third of the amount of water needed for a bath. This saves energy and money. Free walk-in shower areas are in vogue. In most homes but still finds the space-saving shower tray in the corner or the bathtub must simultaneously serve as a shower. In both cases, it takes a splash guard, prevents the remainder of the space is placed under water.

Risk of calcium stains in folding and sliding doors

Shower cleaning tips Sliding and folding save space. As manufacturer Cesena shows, for example, a folding door on a plinth find space behind the foot end of the tub when bathing. But these variants have one disadvantage: “Sliding and folding doors have several rails and profiles as well as many corners and edges where dirt is easily fixed, chalky deposits are formed,” says Jens wiper, Managing Director of the German Sanitary Industry Association in Bonn.

For the separation of a well which is limited by two walls, more complex structures are needed. Here you need a fixed plastic or glass wall and a door system. Alternatively, two blinds can be mounted slightly overlapping. “For shower curtains, there are compostable hangers, which are fastened in the curvature in addition to the ceiling,” said coach DIY Pommel. Manufacturer Bette about this principle for a roll-in shower in the program.

In modern bathtub shapes with a round bulge on one side special designs are usually necessary. But there are exceptions. The manufacturer Valero & Botch and Bette for this example have a round splash in the program, the company coral has a round-shaped door for a triangular tub in a corner.

A challenge is also a shower under a pitched roof. “In general, since individual custom work needed,” says wiping man. Thus, for example, a cabin with a stable construct, at the upper edge sloped side wall and a door which opens into the inside space and away from the bevel.
Shower cabin made of glass or plastic

The choice between plastic and glass is made mostly by price. “However, one should also remember that plastic easily scratched by frequent cleaning and thus unsightly and more care is,” advises interior designer Hansen. The more expensive glass doors are easy to maintain thanks coatings – often even from self-cleaning glass.

But most of these have not only simply washed after every shower, but the water remains are removed with a puller. Even but does not protect against lime scale. Also, curtains and blinds cannot be retracted or pushed together just after washing: You must be completely dried before always. Otherwise they get moldy easily. “Fragments of skin, scales, moisture and soap are the ideal livelihood for mold,” said coach DIY Pommel. Without wiping so you never go out – even if the water stays in the tub thanks to curtain or door.



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