Sen. Pacquiao on Power System Loss: ‘Bakit niyo po ichinacharge dun sa mga consumers ang talo niyo?’


Following the controversial stance of new Senator Manny Pacquiao about the death penalty where he pushes for its revival and by the method of hanging, he once again spoke regarding another issue and made rounds online. This time, it’s about charging the consumers of the power system loss that has been long questionable.

Pacquiao raised the question to Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi saying: “Bakit niyo po ichinacharge dun sa mga consumers ang talo niyo? That’s a business. So kung natalo yun [sa business], para sa akin, hindi siya makatwiran na i-charge natin doon sa mga consumers yung mga nalo-loss na power sa transmission.”
Cusi seconded the point and shared how he also asked BIR to remove the VAT that further increases the bills. Quoting from his statement he said: “Dalawa po ang component ng system loss. Isa po yung sa technical loss at saka po yung administrative loss. Pareho-pareho po tayo ng pakiramdam na dapat yung ineefficiencies in delivering the service ay hindi nacha-charge sa tao.”
Furthermore, Cusi also shared that DOE is now looking into this issue and said: “Ngayon po ang, sa DOE, “Ano po ang allowable technical loss that can be passed on. Dahil totoo rin po naman, technically, pag ‘dyan na sa generation, sa transmission, may nawawala po talaga. Technical loss. Shineshare po ng lahat ng tao yun. Pero sa administrative, kung negligence naman po yan ng service provider, wag po dapat ipasa sa tao. So DOE is studying that po, Mr. Chairman.”
Meanwhile, netizens lauded Pacquiao for being bold in raising the concern of many.

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