‘Olympian Husband And Cheerleader’ Goes Viral For His Incontestable Support For Wife In The Olympics!

Competing in the Olympics is a sort of ‘once in a lifetime‘ opportunity that not everyone is fortuned with. So when, Katinka Hosszu competed during the Rio olympics in swimming, Shane Tusup went all out to show her how much of a proud husband he is.
Thousands of fans who cheered for their own bet witnessed what was probably the loudest of all, proud husband and most probably number one fan and cheerleader of Katinka.
Shane, who was also her coach, did not mind the chances of not being heard by his wife amidst all the other loud cheering that may have drowned his voice. He ignored all others as he showed his remarkable support for wife through his “maniacal cheering” as others liked to put it.
Fortunately, Shane’s cheering did not went in vain as his wife won gold! Katinka’s won on the recent olympics is her third gold and hopefully not the last, as many anticipated not only seeing her compete but his husband’s outstanding support too.