Miriam Defensor Santiago: Marcos Declared Martial Law With The ‘Best Interest Of The Filipino People’

Running mate of Bongbong Marcos the son of former president and dictator of the country, Miriam Defensor Santiago was questioned during the election on her decision of choosing Bongbong after what his father did to the country and his families’ lack of will to apologize to victims of the martial law.
Santiago however, answered critics saying she believes that the former president imposed martial law for the people’s own benefits, adding the he had the best intention for the country.
“What they were doing were, in their ideas, the best interest of the Filipino people,” Santiago said on an interview with InterAksyon.
She admitted that when martial law was imposed, she was among those who welcomed it.
“I was one of the people who did not mind the imposition of martial law at first,” she explained although she continued saying: “In the first few years, there was much more order in the streets, but eventually I think that martial law did not proceed as intended.”
Although she stood by her verdict of freeing 50 protestors against Marcos who were imprisoned without a warrant of arrest and bail during her time as a trial judge under the Marcos administration.
“The truth will always be the truth, justice will always be truth,” she cryptically noted.
Furthermore, the senator showed no opposition with Marcos being buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani.
“My own father is buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. He was a guerrilla captain,” Santiago pointed out.
“Why should we allow a dead man to control the actuation of the living and its new millennial generation? We should let go of the past.”