How to Find Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services



Cheap carpet cleaning services can be a tremendous help for homeowners who want to keep their carpets spic and span. During these financially-stricken times, it is very difficult for homeowners to buy new decor for their homes and preserve them. This is particularly true of large, bulky carpets. Thankfully, there are cheap carpet cleaning services that can help you to clean and keep your carpets in pristine condition.

Now, before you say “cheap” carpet cleaning services means “low quality” of service, this is not necessarily true. There are many cheap carpet cleaning companies that adhere to very high standards in their cleaning services. The only problem that you will have is finding out where to look for such companies.

It is highly advisable to start your search for cheap carpet cleaning services in your local area. Grab your phone book and check out the yellow pages or you can do some research on the Internet. Make a list of all the carpet cleaning companies that seem promising to you.

Next, give them a call. Find out more about the services they provide and the fees they charge. Be sure to ask how long it takes for them to clean carpets of the size that you have in your home. The reason for this is that carpets should never be cleaned rush. It takes time to clean a carpet thoroughly because of the deeply embedded dirt. If you have tried managing your carpet on your own, you would have a good idea of the length of cleaning time.

If you are still uncertain of the quality of service that the companies provide, you can ask around from friends and neighbors. Chances are they might have availed of the services of a carpet cleaning company in the past. They can offer recommendations on companies whose services are suited for your needs. It is equally important to mention that you should not be immediately taken in by website testimonials. Always make sure that you get first-hand information from colleagues and friends.

Another way by which you can get cheap carpet cleaning services is by simply being on the lookout for special deals or promotions being offered by top notch carpet cleaning companies. Check the ads of your Sunday newspaper. You are sure to find advertisements of special promotions from carpet cleaning specialists. Some even have discount coupons which you can cut out and then avail of. However, always take note of the fine print. There are limitations to these promotions. For example, some promos offer discounts for cleaning carpets in one room alone or there is even a measured amount of space. You can also contact the company through their customer service hotline and inquire about the availability of special discounts or promotions.

If you have been using the services of one specific carpet cleaning company for quite some time now, inquire if they have any loyalty programs. One good example of a loyalty program will have you paying the full price for the first two or three times that you have your carpet cleaned with the company. But cleaning jobs after this period will give you substantial discounts.


source:How to Find Cheap Carpet Cleaning Services