How to create an online asset?



If you have been reading this blog awhile, you will know that I’m creating an online asset over time. Essentially this site is to share my thoughts and my experience about money with others, and I hope to be able to generate a bit of side income.

Blogging is many things to many people. Essentially blogging it is a tool to communicate your ideas with others. This blog communicates my ideas about money, finance, having a practical perspective towards money. Blogs have been used to market an offline business, to earn income, to teach other to do things and to share personal viewpoints. Some bloggers have become high profile writers respected for their unbiased views, thus generating a lot of business opportunity online and offline.

Having said that, blogging is not an easy way to generate income. There are literally millions of blogs out there. I’ve started several blogs and some of them are still up. However, I realized that making money directly from a blog is quite difficult now. Furthermore, a person who blogs, is really a writer plus marketer.

I used to suggest a blogger from Australia but no longer since I felt that a person should really find their fit first rather than simply go into something new.

Having been around the block and blogger world for quite a few years now, I can say, I don’t have great success with blogging. I’ve made enough to cover the hosting cost plus a bit of extra to purchase software. So it is not a big income earner for me, but because I found that I’m not a very prolific writer, I’ve made some niche websites. The difference between blogging and niche websites are niche website centers around a small topic that people look for information. Whereas a blog is regularly updated, the information on a niche website after the information is written, is pretty much left alone. So, niche websites targets significantly more new visitors who come, get the information they want, buy something or click on some ads, then leave. A blog however aims to keep more regular visitors who read and consumes your information as well as attract new readers.

If you really want to earn money doing something different, then I suggest Dan Miller’s 48 Days to the Work you Love is really the resource to get. Dan has written several books and has a weekly free podcast that you can download from iTunes. It offers a lot of good advice, success stories as well as how to decide what you should or should not do based on your present financial situation. It has to do with finding your purpose aligning your skills, interest and economic model so that it fits you.

If starting something online is something that fits you, the go ahead. Know that there are many models you can earn money online.



source: How to create an online asset?