How To Clean White Leather From Normal Stains



Windex or other similar glass cleaning products have shown good effectiveness on white leather, but again, they need to be removed quickly in order to avoid additional spots resulted from deposits of residues.

When you are using window cleaning products, the best approach comprises of spraying them on the mark and then scrubbing them off with a very soft brush, as not to cause scratches on the surface.

Rubbing alcohol can be utilized for the persistent stains, but you need to use a soft – preferably a high-quality microfiber cloth – in the process and a low quantity of liquid.

How To Clean White Leather From Ink Stains

Ink stains on white leather are not only extremely visible but also difficult to remove.

No matter how hard you try to avoid them, you will sooner or later leave a pen open in a lapse of judgment or your children will decide to surprise you by adding a personal touch to your favorite leather couch. But hey, it’s a part of life and you just have to deal with it.

For clear ink spots, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will able to eliminate most of the problem.

You will need to dab and rub the spot gently with the white side of the sponge after moistening it in tap or distilled water, but you need to refrain from scrubbing it as otherwise you will cause the ink stain to spread.

In case Mr. Clean Magic Eraser fails to produce results, then isopropyl alcohol is your best bet. On a side note, it is advisable to verify whether or not this solution produces discoloration on a less visible part of the leather.

If not, then proceed to dabbing the stain from the external perimeter towards the inside utilizing a clean microfiber cloth.

Turn or change the cloth as soon as you notice that it has absorbed the ink, rinse and repeat until the stain is no longer there.

Restore And Clean White Leather

No matter how hard you try, in time constantly cleaning white leather will leave scuff marks and fine scratches.

The best thing that you can do is to try and conceal them and for this purpose, leather conditioning solutions and white shoe polishes are your best allies.

When you notice scratches or lines along the surface of the white leather, use a toothpick to apply shoe polish over them and allow it to dry naturally.

Once the shoe polish is dry, spray the leather conditioner over the surface, leave it on for approximately one hour and then proceed to wiping it off the conditioner from the white leather.

Is It Possible To Clean White Leather Using Hairspray?

The debate on whether or not the hairspray is an appropriate solution for white leather can go on forever.

Some favor the potential of this solution while others argue that using hairspray will generate additional stains on the surface of the leather, so you are basically trading one spot for another.

While it may work for some leather, it’s not a wise decision to risk your white leather item when there are more appropriate cleaning products readily available off the shelf.

It’s not that simple taking care of white leather, but you can most definitely clean white leather goods with the right tools and techniques.



source: How To Clean White Leather From Normal Stains