How to Clean Patent Leather



Due to its association with formal and uptown, maintaining clean patent leather shoes, belts, furniture or purses is mandatory.

The main distinction between the normal leather and patent leather resides in the fact that the latter has been coated with a high gloss finish, which can be noticed from its exceptional shine.

Because keeping your patent leather clean is generally very easy, showing up at a party or reception with dirty and worn shoes or bag will only give the impression that you are lazy. Let’s review the main methods of cleaning patent leather.

Clean Patent Leather: General Polishing Tips

If you notice fingerprints or slight traces on dirt accumulating on your patent leather items, then you can wipe them off easily with a soft piece of cloth dampened in water.

In the eventuality, that you are unable to wipe the patent leather immediately after you notice easy stains or debris, then use a glass cleaning product and paper towel to remove them as soon as you have some spare time. If the shine appears dull after removing the dirt accumulation or fingerprints, use a dry soft cloth and buff the area to restore it.

Clean Patent Leather: How To Deal With Difficult Stains

Without regular wiping of dust and debris particles, you are encouraging the formation of difficult and persistent stains. However, you have nothing to be worried about as they can be eliminated with the help of advanced patent leather cleaning products.

For excellent results, it is advisable that you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and refrain from using too much of the leather cleaning product.

After wiping the spills and stains, you should use a dry cloth to restore the shine of the leather.

Clean Patent Leather: Removing Ink And Pen Marks

Pen and ink marks are very common for patent leather purses, wallets, sofas and office chairs. The faster you notice the ink stain, the more chances you will have to eliminate it.

In general, cleaning ink stains is done by gently rubbing a cotton swab slightly moisten in rubbing alcohol.

However, if the ink has already penetrated the leather, you will need to use a specialized cleaning product. Before you apply the patent leather cleaner, test the product by applying it on a small, non-visible area of the item. While the patent leather product is of quality and efficient, the sponge or brush it comes with can affect the finish at times.

Therefore, do not forget to check the cleaning and maintenance instructions on your patent leather item as well.

Clean Patent Leather: Removing Scuffs

The simplest way to remove those unappealing scuffs from your patent leather high-heels or pumps is with non-acetone nail polish. Soak a cotton swab in the nail polish remover and then rub it on the scuffs until they disappear.

Even though you are using a non-acetone product, be careful not to leave the nail polish sit remover on the surface of the shoes for extended periods, as it will compromise the shine. After eliminating the scuffs, wipe the remnants with a damp cloth and polish the shoes with a dry cloth. If the patent leather item does not respond well to nail polish, then rub the scuffs with a cloth dampened in milk.

Clean Patent Leather: Warnings

In general, patent leather picks up colors and dyes from the items it comes into contact with. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid leaving your clothes, purse, bags or other items on a patent leather sofa for too long. When you clean patent leather, keep an eye on the coating to ensure it does not begin to fade.



source: How to Clean Patent Leather