Workout for Teens to Stay Healthy



Best exercise for teen who want to stay healthy will be a bit different than the workout plan for adults. Since the teen’s world is about what they want without think twice, so they should be given certain advices from the trusted people such as parents, older friends, teacher, or maybe the coach. Because if once they walk in the wrong path, then maybe they will fall like other victims of wrong workout plan. The important thing to remember is do not fall in love with the easy way such as lying on the couch, sleep around, playing video games, eat whatever you want and you met, and so on. It will not contribute anything but make you gain some weights and increase the possibility of certain disease such as diabetes type 2 and obesity.

For your information, the things that are done in the young age will be such habits in the adult stage as well. Even the obesity that was experienced by adults is mostly caused by the wrong diet plan and bad lifestyle in the youth. So, we can say that the teenage stage is excellent time to start good habit, good lifestyle, and make plan of best exercise for teen in order to stay healthy in good shape.

Doing certain physical sports

Well, sports are good way for the body especially as the exercise for the physical stuff. The good sport can be done by young teenage boy is such as soccer. Soccer has so many benefits offered. By doing that sport, you can improve the heart rates and optimize the heart’s works. The long story short, soccer is good for cardiovascular stuff. It also will help you to make the bottom part of body such as hips, thighs, and legs stronger. You will get balance body shape if you have bigger size of the upper body parts. But perhaps you will not get optimum muscular power, especially for the upper body parts.

  • Soccer

Most boys are like to playing football/soccer. It is one of sport which can maintain body fitness. When playing football/soccer every part from the body is moving. The leg will run to chase or dribble the ball. When ran, the body is burning calories. More calories burned, the fat is more decrease and our body will keep fitness.

  • Basketball

Maybe this sport is more flexible than soccer. And there are many girls who playing basketball. When playing basketball we need hand power, but the leg is important for running and jumping. When dribbling, your arm muscle will push ball to the ground and hold after the ball bounce back. And when shooting, we need biceps and triceps power. This way is effective for keeping body to stay healthy. One hour you do dribbling, passing, jumping and running in basketball, 700-750 your calories loose.

  • Jogging

This exercise is easiest way to keep healthy our body. If you don’t have any equipment or field near your house, you can try jogging. Maybe this not quick way for losing weight, but if you do this with routine is possible this way can lose body weight.  Benefit from jogging is not just for physical, but it good for psychological.

Make it complete with exercise plan

Due to the sport cannot stand alone as the best exercise for teen, then you should contact your doctor to know if you are already met the terms to do exercise. Even though teenage cannot be blamed due to their desires to have good body shape, the doctor or the people trusted by teenage should give good advice before they start doing routine exercise. For the kick starter, teenage should do a couple of basic movement and develop the coordination ability to avoid injury during the workout plan.

After that you can continue with the leg training with many variations and continue with the core training based on the best exercise for teen. Then you can do anything by pushing. Your trainer will show you what you should do and of course you should consult to doctor in the first place. In the next day you can do every movement by pulling. But for the advice, you should take one day for rest in day between.



source: Workout for Teens to Stay Healthy