How to Clean Kitchen Utensils




Having a hearty and clean kitchen is a great way to maintain the health of your family. Cleaning the kitchen utensils is one of the boring activities to do. But if you know the correct way on cleaning kitchen utensils, you will surely find it easy and simple task. As a result, your kitchen will surely be clean and health-friendly kitchen. In this article, you can find some of the effective and simple ways on how to clean kitchen utensils.

Microwave is one of the most prominent appliances in the kitchen, which is very common in every home because you can just simple put the food there and viola you have now your meal. In order to maintain the cleanliness of microwave is to use water and baking soda combined. The interior and front part of microwave is an important area to be cleaned.

Oven is another important utensil that you need to maintain and keep. Baking soda or washing soda are some of the most simple and effective cleaning agent that you can use. Just simply spread water and washing soda or baking soda. Leave it overnight and rinse it the next morning. Avoid using aerosol because ammonia and lye is dangerous when exposed to the air because it may enter the skin and the eyes.

After successfully cleaning the microwave and oven, the kitchen cabinets are also essential fixtures in the kitchen to be cleaned. Hence, kitchen cabinets are the ones we used to keep foods and other kitchen supplies, it is very suggested to have a healthy and clean kitchen cabinets. If your cabinets are made of wood, you can just use oil soap for washing them.

If the material of your cabinet is Formica, you can use special soap that is made of vegetable fat. You may also add vinegar, olive oil and warm water. Combine these ingredients and put them into spraying bottle. Before you use it, you need to shake it thoroughly.

In case of tea pot and kettle, you may find it difficult to clean them for the reason that they tend to collect crust due to everyday use. However, cleaning tea pot and kettle is easy, you just have to prepare baking soda and vinegar. Combine these ingredients by lukewarm water and you can now clean them easily. Then you can now use sufur as preventive measure for protecting your utensils.

Even though the dishwasher is the one responsible for cleaning your spoon, pork, plates and glasses, keep in mind that you have to consider its cleanliness and care. So for cleaning dishwasher, you may use detergent with chlorine and phosphate. These substances are safe for you to use.

The cleanliness of our kitchen utensils is very essential in order for us to have a clean and attractive kitchen. After all, the kitchen is the heart of every home and it should be the cleanest area in the house because it’s the place we prepare our foods.



source: How to Clean Kitchen Utensils