How I Make $5600 Passive Income a Month



Hello, my name is Max. Less than a year ago I was working as a clerk in a bank but today I am an independent man who works only few minutes a day to make high passive income online. Today I want to show you how I make around $5600 residual income a month spending minimum time. Sounds unbelievable? Read further and you will see how smile my strategy is and it is available for everyone for free.

Here is my income graph. As you see I constantly make money and my income is keeping growing. A couple of months ago I started with a few hundreds of dollars and today I make about $5600 a month, there is no limit of how much money you can make with my passive income idea.

I get monthly payouts of my earnings, you can see the print screen of my latest payment below:

You may wonder how an ordinary man like me can make high passive income a month working just few minutes a day. The answer is the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). In Forex people make money by buying and selling currencies online. You are right if you think that it is boring and requires a lot of time and knowledge. I also think so. That’s why instead of spending hours to learn Forex trading and make market’s analysis by myself, I let others do all the work and make me money with the help of eToro CopyTrader.

Without any knowledge, skills and experience in Forex trading you can make 4-digits passive income using the knowledge and skills of others. Now it is absolutely for free!

With eToro CopyTrader I copy the most successful Forex traders and earn as much as they do. The only work I need to do is to select the most successful traders that make profits on a regular basis and copy them. They will trade for me automatically and generate me residual income month after month.

Bellow I will show you step by step how I generate $5600 passive income a month. Repeat my steps and make high residual income too.

Step 1 – Apply for a trading account.
In order to start you need to open a free trading account. It will take you 10 seconds to register. Click here to open a short registration form, fill it in and click the “Start Now” button.

Step 2 – Fund your account.
After you register and login to your account, click on the deposit button and fund your account. It is up to you how much you want to deposit. Your passive income will be a percentage of your investment. The more you deposit, the more profits you will make. I started from $500 six months ago and today I withdraw around $5600 income every month. I recommend you to start with min $300. You can always add or withdraw funds from your eToro trading account quickly and easy.

Step 3 – Choose the traders to copy.
Select the traders who are making profits within a certain time period (3 months, 6 months, and a year). If someone made profit in the past there is a big chance he will continue making profit in the future.

Follow the steps below to find the best traders in eToro network:

  1. Go to the ranking page. On the top you will find the most successful traders who make profits.
  2. Click on the trader who makes money consistently and open his/her profile. Then press a blue “Copy” button to let this trader make you profits too.
  3. Set up the amount this trader will manage and press the “Copy Trader” button.
  4. You are done. Every time a trader makes profit you will automatically make it too in your trading account. The system will link your account to the accounts of the traders you copy leaving you a full control over your trading account.

You see how simple and easy my passive income strategy is. Today I make $5600 of passive income per month and it will keep growing. No time to waste, grab this free opportunity now and start making high passive income too.



source: How I Make $5600 Passive Income a Month