How to Keep the Weight Off



People always say that the most frustrating aspect of weight loss is keeping the weight off. I actually believe that it is easier to lose a few pounds than to keep it off because psychologically, once you have reached your ideal goal there is a tendency to relax your exercise regimen and go easier on your diet.

However, unless you have liposuction to remove fat cells, the cells never actually go away after you lose weight. They instead shrink and lose mass, which makes you look skinnier. This means that since the cells are still there waiting to be filled up again with excess fat, regaining lost pounds is easier than you would think.

Weight Loss Management

The important thing to keep in mind is that in order to change your body and get healthy, you have to change your lifestyle. This means getting rid of unhealthy eating habits, and getting into a fitness routine that you enjoy.

If your workouts seem like too much of a chore, you are less likely to keep it up on a long term basis and adequate exercise is vital if you want to keep the pounds off. I can relate to the difficulties in finding an enjoyable workout routine because I used to do cardio five times a week. I absolutely hated it, so I only kept it up for about three weeks. Lesson learned. Now I do pilates because I just think it is more suited to my lifestyle and personal preferences.

Also, maintain a healthy and balanced diet, but remember that it is okay to splurge every once in a while. A successful diet consists of moderation, not deprivation. A helpful tip is to eat before you get hungry because that way you are less likely to overeat.

Be careful not to serve yourself a food portion that is too large because eating is a visual exercise. If you have too much food in front of you, your mind will refuse to believe that you are truly full as long as there is still food left. Therefore, try to pay attention to your body and stop eating as soon as you feel full.

Also, NEVER go grocery shopping on an empty stomach. I have done this before and I ended up coming back home with a trunk full of donuts and potato chips. Along the same lines, try to shop from the outside aisles because these sections of a grocery store tend to have more healthy and unprocessed foods.

One final bit of advice is to keep weighing yourself, no matter how much you hate it. I normally advise people to avoid the scale because most scales do not account for lean muscle versus fat content. This often leads some to incorrectly think they are too fat because of their weight, even though their muscles are weighing them down. However, the scale is a good way to keep track of your progress and it will show you whether or not your post-weight loss routine is effective.



source: How to Keep the Weight Off