Creating A Cash Machine



How to you create a cash machine either as side income or to be a main income? I can share with you a bit more in this article. As I write this, the biggest news is Michael Jackson’s death. Just in my last article title Rich and Stupid, there is a large picture of Neverland and I wrote about stars and super stars who are less than stellar when incomes to managing their money. I always maintain that it is not how much you make but how much you keep. Well, for MJ or others alike, it is not easy to hold onto money once they’ve made it. The saving grace for MJ is half the rights he holds on the Beetles’ song which are worth a ton of money. Besides that, I quite sure his family or executor or whoever will think of a way to build a lasting legacy aka like what Graceland did for Elvis.

This brings me to the topic at hand on creating a cash machine for yourself. For people like singers and entertainers, they, their name, the songs they write and sing, become “software” or intellectual property that is worth money. And the great thing about such intellectual property is that once it is created, it keeps on generating money over a long period of time. Another example at the moment is the Transformer movie franchise. It is going great guns with T-shirts, drinking bottles, toys, pencil holders, you name it, you have it with images of Transformers in all shape and sizes. Then there is the evergreen Star Wars franchise. Even more amazing, I wanted to create a site with Star Wars theme and everything is create and copyrighted. From the characters, the famous X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, Darth Vader, everything was created out of the mind of someone. But you say, I’m not Michael Jackson, not even close to Spielberg. That’s true but you still can create.

As an example, this site and several others I write on, becomes my intellectual property. Sure it is not even a tiny drop compared to MJ but still it brings in some dough. It is my first blog and not even that focused. And I didn’t have a framework to blog when I first started. Some of my other sites which are more targeted do generate decent money for me. Now, if you are keen to consider starting a side income initially and later turn it into a cash machine, I highly recommend you check out this course. Now the course is not for everyone. If you think you can just sign up for the course and start to make money, then forget it. It doesn’t work that way. You have to take action and create content either by writing, creating podcast or interviews or video. It takes work so forget get rich quick.

If you are prepared to work by work, I mean creating content, and assuming you can connect and build up an audience, then you will earn money. More important than just earning money is to build an asset for yourself over time, that you control. Okay, this is the free report titled Roadmap for you to read if you want to check out blogging. There are also 10 video that you can watch for free here. Why am I suggesting you check this out? Well, I’ve been exposed to lots of money making opportunity. Some are genuine, some are less so. But in the end, you don’t create an asset you own that you can sell or trade or do whatever you want with it. A site or a blog that is done properly can bring you income for years to come, and I’ve seen it happen so many times and you don’t have to hit it big to earn decent income. Anyway do check it out as the course is open for 5 days only to sign up and cost $50 for 6 months. It closes on 3rd June. Here is the sign up page if you are keen.



source; Creating A Cash Machine