Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes



Diabetes is one of the most talked about disease on the planet. It is also among the top diseases to have spread widely. It seems like there is no national, religious or ethnic barrier to it. People from all over the world are having diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is the one that depends on insulin intake. People with this type of diabetes do not have the ability to produce insulin inside their bodies.

So they have to take insulin every day. Type 1 diabetes is more common in children but it can affect people of ages below 40. The most common symptoms of type 1 diabetes are losing weight without apparent reason, needing to urinate frequently, feeling thirst despite drinking enough fluid, feeling hungry to often and last but not the least is being tired more often.

A lot of these symptoms may seem like unusual to have occurred because of lack of insulin like the frequent need of urination and thirst. Well, insulin from our pancreas is used in order to process glucose that produces energy for our body without which, the glucose will need to leave the body. So it goes straight out with urine. This much urination leads to dehydration and makes the patient drink more water.

The tiredness can be explained very easily. Glucose is the source of our energy. The cells in our bodies depend on energy from glucose in order to work. Without insulin, the body is left with no means of processing glucose and thus, no energy for the cells to work. And without that energy, body feels weak and tired.

Weight loss comes as a penalty of lower energy levels. Body cells need energy to work properly which they are not getting from processing glucose. Patients feel hungry more often and are forced to eat without getting the energy in the end. The combination of these two makes the body looks for other sources for energy.

This leads to burning fat in order to produce energy for the cells which produces toxic ‘ketones’ that can lead to death. This is one of the scenarios when losing weight by burning fat is not good. If the above symptoms are present, one should seek medical help immediately. The toxic effects of ketones can lead to vomiting which is the first sign of danger. Insulin injections should be started immediately as per doctor’s prescription.

During the early stages, it may seem that there is a chance since insulin production stops after a while giving it a false assumption of having a chance. Even with the insulin injections, it is quite common to develop diseases that come as a result of diabetes. Eyes, kidneys and nerves are very much prone to become affected. Kidneys become affected because of the excess glucose being urinated which can cause infection. Cardiovascular diseases are next in the line.

With the increased amount of glucose present in the patient’s blood, the heart becomes damaged and more susceptible to strokes. It is best to start controlling diet, taking insulin according to doctor’s suggestion and exercise enough to keep diabetes in check.



source: Symptoms of Type 1 Diabetes