Statistics of Type 1 Diabetes



It has been a while since type 1 diabetes statistics are being published in some websites. With the increasing number of patients with type 1 diabetes, concerns are growing among strategists and doctors. The amount of insulin sold every year that are aimed for type 1 diabetes patients also show a significant rise. As many as eighty people are found to have type 1 diabetes in them every day. Since the symptoms are sudden, it becomes hard to predict who and when would be diagnosed with this disease. Doctors are becoming more and more concerned with the type 1 diabetes statistics being so overwhelming.

A good reason for being concerned is not the number of patients alone. The reason of this disease is yet to be discovered which concerns the doctors and scientists researching on this matter. Being an autoimmune disease, type 1 diabetes is very dangerous and most of the times, life threatening. Why the immune system starts attacking and destroying the cells in our pancreas that produce insulin is not known yet. So the only way to fight this disease remains insulin injection and proper daily meal balancing. Even the diet and insulin can not help cure this disease.

The fact that this disease is not curable yet is another source of concern for the researchers. Only way to keep patients alive is regular care and insulin intake. Though the exercise methods developed only for type 1 diabetes patients seem to help keep things under control, it is not a solution. A lot of patients like children need an attention from parents that is unmatched to anything else just to keep them safe. Although there are courses that can help parents stay alert for their kids, the idea that this disease is not curable is enough to make them worried.

As type 1 diabetes statistics suggests, there is an estimated three million US citizen who have type 1 diabetes. However, if the number was to stay there or there were any sign of this number to be reduced, it would have proven helpful. The fact that this is a disease can be transferred from parents to children makes the scenario even more horrible. As all the people that have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, there is a good chance that they will also have children who may have the same disease. Finding that out is a shocking discovery for the people who have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes recently.

The only solution seems an extremely controlled and cautious life. Those who already have been living life like this have a very negative view about it. As most of the affected patients are children or young adults who love freedom, life becomes very boring for them. They often complain about the controlled life they have. Their abilities and wishes are often hindered by their disease. Checking blood sugar level every now and then and eating or exercising accordingly makes their lives just like the ones in a cage. Since the only way to be alive is this control, they can not do anything about it either.


source: Statistics of Type 1 Diabetes