Honey will help you maintain the beauty and health


Honey is a miracle of nature, natural product, which contains a large number of indispensable to the health of each and every one of us chemical elements. If you look closer, the honey can be found magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and was attended by more than 70 micro-and micro nutrients.

The honey invaluable – just a couple of teaspoons of this product will permanently keep your body healthy and beautiful. And for those who are especially concerned about their beauty, can advise twice a week to drive procedure.

Thanks to them, your skin will always look beautiful, ruddy and fresh. Indeed, the interstate it receives all of its required nutrients and micronutrients. Now look at these procedures. Choose for yourself any of them what you like best or effect of the impact which your skin will be more visible.

Mask of honey and egg yolks (honey-eggs mask)

The mask is a good choice for the daily care of an ageing and losing freshness skin. To prepare, you need to crush 1 egg yolk and 1 / 2 teaspoon honey (preferably fresh, which is liquid and not crystallize).

Then add 1 tea spoon of oil rose and 10 s concentrates of vitamins A and E. All of this is well and mix mark as a mask on face and neck. Let mask for about 20 minutes and wash it off with her first hot and then cold water.

Massage details

One of the oldest cosmetic and restorative procedures, which date back to ancient China and Tibet. And worth it for rejuvenating the skin is that honey has a unique feature to absorb and eliminate toxins the body, particularly through the skin intact. Through relaxation massage your skin will be much more smooth, velvety, chassis its pores. It has been argued that in their effectiveness honey massage far outnumber other types of massage.

Now consider this massage technique.

It consists of two movements – the first rub honey in the skin and then use a special vacuum device he removed the surface of the skin. Along with maintaining honey skin displays a large number of toxins and waste products organism. Another important point-each half the body is treated separately the other.

Therefore, you must hold a massage right side, then the left. Immediately prior to massage heat skin to be well covered an area of the body, which will be massage. Experience has shown that for the full treatment of skin, the emergence velvety, reduce cellulite and remove its Myostimulation a 10-12 sessions.

Of course, in each case, the results of massage will be different. Honey mask for the skin hands How much time we give the skin the face and the neck, but sometimes quite unmindful of their hands.

But it also requires care and care as much, and sometimes even more. For velvety and smoothness of your handles Prepare a mask-1 table-spoon of honey, 1 egg yolk and 1 tea-spoon finely ground oatmeal

Well mix all components and mark cooked mixture on the skin of hands. The length of 20 to 30 minutes at your discretion. This mask is best suited for causing skin at night. The country does not lag is already tried and thousands of women methodology.



source: Honey will help you maintain the beauty and health