When It Grows So Tiring



When you become so sluggish and exhausted, your day does not run as what you want. You become so lazy to get back to work. You might mistype the letters, become reluctant to pick up the phone, or fall asleep at work. If you often experience these things, you have what so called fatigue. Gaining your energy back is an easy thing to do. Try to identify and understand several things that make fatigue come to your day. Then, try to cast the causes of fatigue away.


  • Caffeine and sugar

Many people drink coffee or suck on sugar to boost their energy. They believe that caffeine and sugar are the best companions during hectic days when they keep feeling tired and exhausted. In fact, they do not help at all. They even make you become more and more tired since the level of your blood sugar increases too quickly.

  • The solution: The ex-president of the American College of Physicians whose name is J. Fred Ralston Jr., MD suggests us to maintain healthy diet to cope with this situation. Consume healthy foods like fruits, vegetables, and protein from meats.

Less sleeping time

How many hours do you spend to sleep? Four or five hours? The ideal time to sleep is from six to eight hours. If you sleep less than the ideal time suggested, no wonder why you become very tired.

  • The solution: Avoid consuming all things that make you hard to sleep like caffeine or alcohol. Make your bedroom convenient and comfortable for you to sleep.


Less exercise

When you feel very tired, you might think that doing activities which require energy is not a wise choice. Well, it seems that you need to think the other way around. Moving your body stimulates energy to burst.

  • The solution: Do a little sport before you go to bed. Make sure that you finish exercising three hours before bedtime. Ralston gives a good advice to exercise four times a week with 40 minutes allocated in each day. If you can manage to keep exercising for a month, you can get the advantage.


Most people who always feel really exhausted suffer from anemia, especially women who are going through their period of menstruation. This is what Sandra Fryhover, MD, who is working for Emory University says. As a consequence, the oxygen cannot be transferred well to every part of the body causing them to feel powerless.

  • The solution: Increase iron intake by consuming meats and green vegetables, especially the leafy ones. You can take iron supplements if needed.

Limited potassium intake

Some people feel lousy because they do not fulfill the potassium needed by the body.

  • The solution: Consult your doctor to have potassium level checked. Your doctor will give you the treatment needed including medication or potassium rich diet.


The less or over production of thyroid contributes to cause fatigue.

  • The solution: Visit the doctor to have medical check-up to analyze the level of thyroid production. Fryhover recommends blood test to decide how much hormone to stimulate thyroid production needed.


Fatigue can be the symptom of diabetes, especially if it is accompanied with blurry vision and excessive urination.

  • The solution: Go to have blood test in order to check your health condition.


Depression can cause fatigue since it makes you feel unwell and lose your appetite.

  • The solution: If you have depression, it is suggested to consult the doctor or theraphyst to help you cope with your depression.

Sleeping problem

Many people feel exhausted because they have sleeping problems including snoring or insomniac.

  • The solution: Visit the nearest sleep lab to get treatments for your sleeping problems.

Heart disease

If you keep feeling tired after trying all of the suggested tips above, even you feel worse after exercising, there is a probability that you have heart disease.

  • The solution: You might need intensive medical check up to diagnose the disease. After the doctor find out the disease, he or she will be able to decide what treatments that you need.



source: When It Grows So Tiring