The Best Women Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses



Creating a wardrobe that has a good selection of women plus size dresses can be difficult. Even celebrities have a hard time. Somebody call the fashion police. There are a few tips you can follow to make it easier and not create an embarrassment for you at your next social function. Whether you considered yourself blessed or demonically cursed won’t prohibit you from looking your best in women plus sizes dresses. The old tip that any fashion guru would give you is that dark solid colors and black are your best bet when you want to accentuate any part of your body. Nobody likes to be limited in what you can wear but the first thing that you need to learn about fashion is that what you like and what you look good in may not be the same thing. Plus size clothing women wear are specifically designed to emphasize our large frames. You could buck the trends but it is always risky.

Women Plus Size Cocktail Dresses
Ok, girls. The be-all and end-all in the sexy women plus size dress will always be one with a long v-neckline. Coupled with a nice tan it provides a tasteful teaspoon of skin that just screams “sexy”. Of course this can easily overstep the line into gaudiness. Wearing something with a button down top has a tendency to give you a boxy look. Unless you want to be mistaken as a train car I’d gravitate towards a women plus size dress. If you find something that may work but is loose in all the wrong places then consider finding a tailor to customize it for you. Nicely tailored sleeves can work wonders for providing that slimming effect. Don’t be scared to take chances and break some rules. Just always stick with heavier fabrics because they drape better.  Stretchy material often lets the wrong spots hang a little to low so that rules out Lycra.

Reinventing Women Plus Size Clothing
Not much progress has been made in large lady fashion. Designers just don’t target this market with anything except garden-variety fashion. Women plus size formal dresses often look frumpy as if the heavy-set woman lives is double life in an Amish community. The latest trend has been black and white which is pretty difficult to begin with and checkered patterns such as houndstooth are the absolute worst for bigger people. I wish Tim Gunn would whip some fashion sense into whoever is designing the women plus size dresses. Fabrics should never cling to the body as a first rule and should always be weighted enough to drape in a pleasant manner. Strapless is great if we wanted to show off mounds of back fat. Considering that we are women who want to look fashionable and not sides of beef I vote we cast off the whole strapless movement. First and foremost women plus size evening dresses need to scream “elegant”. That is the guiding light. I often feel like I am screaming into the void but I hope that one day a designer will supply the demand and do fashion right. There is more to my fashion life than sweat pants and muumuus. I have the cash and I am willing to spend it on women plus size dresses but you better make me look good in the processes. Is that too much to ask?


source: The Best Women Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses