Jeju Island



Jeju Island also known as Cheju is often touted as Hawaii of South Korea. Jeju Island lies between the Korean Peninsula, and Japan is indeed a honeymoon destination for Koreans, because of its natural beauty of beaches, mountains, and beautiful gardens.

Jeju Island can be reached by flight for one hour from Seoul.

Like most tourist area, there are a variety of restaurants, karaoke bars, boutiques, and cosmetics stores along the road lined up. Tourism has become one of the mainstays of the islands with 530,000 inhabitants of the population.

The traditional Korean menu, Bibimbap (rice mixed vegetables and meat), Naengmyeon (noodles served with cold meat broth), and tteokbokki (spicy rice cakes) can be enjoyed in Jeju Island.

I feel a new experience when tasting Naengmyeon. It was the first time I tried noodle with cold meat broth as cold as ice-cold water. While tteokbokki with such small pieces of sausage have a chewy texture with a spicy sauce that bite on the tongue. Price’s menus are quite cheap, between US$ 4 – US$ 5.

Jeju Island is also called a volcanic island.

The highest volcano in Korea is in Jeju Island, Mount Halla. Jeju Island formed by a volcanic explosion around 2 million years ago. This makes Jeju Island has a unique natural contour.

One of them is the number of caves formed from lava that cools. The longest cave is Manjanggul Cave in Gujwa-eup, Jeju City. The length of the cave reaches 7416 kilometers. However, it is opened to public only just over one kilometer.

Manjanggul Cave is the most interesting cave in Jeju Island because of a unique rock and the lack of bat habitat.

During summer, the air inside the cave will feel very cold, while in winter, the air actually feels warm.

In Jungmun Resort Complex, standing Teddy Bear Museum. A very famous museum in Jeju is opened first time in 2001. The name Teddy Bear figures taken from the name of the fourth U.S. president, Theodore Roosevelt.

There is a various collection of teddy bear in this museum with a variety of costumes. There is a teddy bear-style Prince Charles, Lady Diana, Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, costumed bear astronauts, and many others. Not only children, it seems even adults will love this museum.

Kimnyoung Maze Park is often used as the set of Korean series, movies and commercials. The park is made to resemble the shape of the island Jeju and in the garden. There is a symbolic representation of the philosophy which is considered sacred by the locals. The symbols, among others are snake, horse, boat, and dolmen, stone table where lay offerings.

Surrounded by more than 2,000 hedge plant Leyland Cypress, visitors should find the bridge with a bell as the ultimate goal. If you achieve success, you must ring the bell as a sign of victory. With maps, a bell should be found within five minutes. However, without a map, there are visitors who go astray to 50 minutes did not find the bridge. It’s really a genius the creator of the park.

Transportation in Jeju Island is only bus and taxi. Korean people love to walk. Typically, they will recommend us to walk from the bus stop to tourist attractions.



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