What is Vegetable Glycerin?



Vegetable can be processed into several products. Probably you are familiar with vegetable pickle, juice, salad, and vegetable tablet. But, are you familiar with vegetable glycerin? Vegetable glycerin is a form of carbohydrate which is derived from plant. The plant is processed to get the oil. Several plants that are usually used to make glycerin are palms, soy beans, and coconuts. These plants can produce oil which can be utilized for several purposes.

The process of making vegetable glycerin

In the process of production, plants are extracted using modern and complex method which is called as Hydrolisis method to get the vegetable glycerin. The process of extraction is carried out under a very high temperature up to 400˚ Celcius. After the vegetable oil is obtained, the process to get the glycerin will involve splitting glycerol from the oil. This process requires water and is carried out under high pressure for 20 to 30 minutes. The water helps get the glycerol from fatty acid of the vegetable oil. The last stage employs distillation process to get pure glycerin. Glycerol which is separated from the fats and oil then goes through distillation to obtain the final product, 99% of vegetable glycerin.

Vegetable glycerin produced through Hydrolisis process is distributed and marketed in the form of liquid. It appears like syrup. This liquid is colorless and also odorless. It consists of 99% glycerol. It does not contain Diethylene Glycol or Ethylene glycol. It does not need any stabilizer agents or preservatives.

The function

As mentioned before, vegetable glycerin is produced to serve several purposes. It is widely used for foods, cosmetics, or drugs because it is stated safe for use by Food and Drug Administration. Manufacturers also use this liquid because it easily dissolve in water and alcohol.

  • Skin care

Vegetable glycerin is commonly used in skin products. It does not cause allergy and irritation. Moreover, it is believed to be nontoxic. Skin moisturizer products usually contain this agent because it is effective to keep the skin healthy and young. it keeps skin from drying and improves skin condition. Applying this skin care products help soften your skin. It also works to help skin get enough oxygen, so it reduces aging process. Many body lotions and face washes also contain the same substance.

Many skin products which function to cure skin problems like acne or eczema also contain this substance. Vegetable glycerin also works as antibacterial agent. It helps fight bacteria which cause the skin problems. Moreover, it does not cause any irritation.

  • Personal care

Vegetable glycerin is also found in toothpaste, soap, and shampoo. It gives shine and smoother texture.

  • Food

From the origin, vegetable glycerin actually is a carbohydrate. It is in the form of liquid like syrup. It also tastes as sweet as sugar. But it does not raise blood sugar level and affect insulin production. Therefore, it works best as sweetener for food and drink, especially for people who have diabetes. Food products mostly contain this glycerin for sweetening, softening, and also preserving.



source: What is Vegetable Glycerin?