Going on Tibet Tours



Most people want to escape from the hectic pace of modern urban life and spend their holiday in a remote and beautiful destination. With this in mind, Tibet tours have been popular with western travelers since the 1960s. It’s the nearest thing to heaven with friendly people, monasteries, temples, and mountains.

Also renowned as the roof of the world, this country has gone through political change and tourism is the most important part of the economy. To go on Tibet tours, visitors from foreign countries need a special permit to gain entry. Tibetian is the main language. For foreigners it is very difficult to learn. Also spoken is some Mandarin Chinese.

Tibetan cuisine hasn’t really got onto in the rest of the world but you can find a lot of good Chinese restaurants. However, sampling local delicacies is all part of the travel adventure, and many travelers taste the local beverage of Yak Butter Tea.

Another staple is Momos that are dumplings with a vegetable or meat filling. Lots of young backpackers venture on tours to Tibet. You can also get organized jeep tours with a driver provided. Other travelers prefer to explore the stunning country by bicycle.

A two hour drive away from Lhasa Gonggar Airport is the capital city of Lhasa, where international flights get in from Katmandu in Nepal. The best way getting around the city is by taxi, bus or cycle rickshaw. Lhasa provides a good standard of accommodation in hostels and hotels. You can find also a lot of traveler cafes and restaurants. Most travelers like to shop around the street market for bargains and visit the tea houses and monasteries.

Jokhang Temple is one of the most popular places of interest in Lhasa. The original building dates from the 7th century and was enlarged over the years. It houses many treasured statues.

Potola Palace is another must see attraction on the travel plan, when going to the capital on Tibet travel tours. At this place the Dalai Lamas have lived on the wintertime since 1755. This palace contains the tombs of the Dalai Lamas and some rare antiques and relics.

Mount Kailash, a mountain that is revered by Hindus and Buddhists alike, is well worth a visit. Travelers and pilgrims walk round the mountain, a trip that takes three days and requires a good level of fitness. The trip is helped with the hire of yaks and porters.

The Chinese side of Mount Everest is covered by Qomolangma National Nature Reserve. Travelers can ride to base camp on the mountain. For the most part travelers stay in private houses on this trip. This impressive place contains Rongbuk Monastery on the north face of Mount Everest. It is the highest monastery all over the globe.



source: Going on Tibet Tours