Florence, The Most Beautiful City in Italy



Florence is the capital for lovers of art! One of the most beautiful cities in the world! It is magnificent, beautiful, and beautiful.

Florence, the capital of Tuscany is a historic town with a masterpiece of architecture, painting, sculpture and the beauty of nature presented in this Italian city.

Vacation to Italy with family, see the historic buildings, visiting the museum, scour the cobblestones and uncover the paintings by leading artists, could make us free to be enjoyed with the kids.

The beauty of historic buildings and monuments are so beautiful that the children helped open his eyes and enjoyed it. The colors are so vibrant city, a stone bridge, a large river that crosses the Arno city, towering minarets which we climbed by as much as 500 households is an exciting experience.

Indeed, the advantages of vacationing in Florence are, in a city full of historic places. In every corner of the city, it was pretty scenery will always attract the eye. And most importantly, we are like surrounded by historical … stepped foot anywhere, will be faced with the artwork. Tour in Florence is spinning in the city itself without having to leave.

Tips to visiting Florence

Here are a few tips to visit Florence. Try to buy tickets visit to a museum over the internet.

Especially the very famous Uffizi museum in the world, why?

Because the line could take one to two hours each time. In the Florence’s tourist internet site, we can buy some tickets to visit
attractions in accordance with the days and hours you want. So no need to wait for hours.

Try to find the inn in the town. Because in Florence are so many sights to visit, with overnight stay in the city, saving time in transit. Lodging in Florence are not too expensive, you can choose a particular apartment for a family. You may rent an apartment for four nights and for four, a 100 square meter apartment with a small garden.

The price is very attractive, pay for an apartment is cheaper than to rent two rooms in the hotel.

The advantage to choose apartments for families is the night of course the kids are tired walking all day. In the apartment, the kitchen is always supplied complete with utensils. We just need to buy any food to be cooked. And a relaxed breakfast also makes us feel comfortable.

Because we feel comfortable, especially who need not chased time to get dressed quickly to go down to the hotel restaurant for breakfast.

Be careful in choosing restaurants and cafes.

Florence is a tourist town.

It would not be surprised if a lot of restaurants to place drinks that do not put up the price, but when we can pay contrived upset! Because the system is mostly Italian restaurants in the service have not been included in the price of food.

There is an additional fee, rental of forks, knives, plates, cups, spoons in the bill. Fortunately, there are some restaurants, which clearly write on the blackboard outside the restaurant, if the service and rentals are included in the price of food. Because there is no write and then suddenly … money spent so very expensive! Because it is a famous tourist city that took so many commercial opportunities.

The main tourist destination in Italy

The first day we were in this city, we plan to walk leisurely. Looking through the city, old buildings, visit the Church of Santa Maria del Fiore and of course climb the tower of the Campanile Giotto, who reportedly has 502 stairs.

At 10 am, we were in the town square called piazza del Duomo. And the large square is already crowded by the tourists!

Santa Maria del Fiore’s church is the fourth largest church in Europe. Built in stages, the initial construction began in 1296 and ended in 1412. Building places of worship are arguably more towards building this tour, has a floor and roof with beautiful mosaics and paintings and fascinating. All the tourists busy with their cameras and photo equipment. Capture every beauty presented in the old building.

Out of the church, we went straight to Giotto Campanile tower. The tower from above can see the whole city of Florence has a staircase of about 500. The stairs of stone, spinning and narrow is not easy to ride. Especially when we go up, usually visitors who come down to make one of us should stop and against the wall.

Hundreds of stairs that took us to our feet and rising, paid once a panoramic view that lay like a carpet with a painting of a city. The dome of the church that seemed so far away from the eye when we were in the square, is being so close. Large building small, short height unfolds in the view of a miniature.

Olala … worth it, Florence is the heart of art history … hopefully these at least four nights, could uncover its beauty.



source: Florence, The Most Beautiful City in Italy