Hypnosis To Lose Weight



Many people are curious about hypnosis to lose weight. After all, there are so many products, diets, programs,
and people available to tell us how to lose weight, why not add hypnosis to this group? At first I was hesitant to write this page. I knew people were interested in this subject, but I never thought it was worth my effort to write about it because it was such an odd, almost taboo weight loss topic.

However, I decided to do more research into hypnosis to lose weight and came to the conclusion that it can be a legitimate tool to help people lose weight.

Total Misconception

There is a major misconception about hypnosis to lose weight and hypnosis specifically. When we hear the word hypnosis, we automatically think of people on a stage, under the power of a hypnotist, doing crazy things like barking like a dog or slithering on the ground like a snake. Hypnosis is noted to have originated sometime in the late 1700’s, but over the years it has developed into what we immediately think of as sideshow.

In reality, hypnosis is a legitimate form of psychotherapy. It is often used to help treat phobias, fears, overeating, bad habits, sleep disorders, depression, and stress.

We typically think of a hypnotist dangling a watch or medallion in front of a subject while the person watches the object slowly move back and forth while listening to the therapist say something like “you are getting sleepy”. This conception of hypnosis is really not too different than reality. The technique of getting a subject or patient to focus on something may differ, but the voice and instructions from the hypnotist/therapist are similar to
what we are accustomed to.

The goal of the therapist is to relax the patient. This is accomplished through different techniques, but the final goal would have the patient in a very relaxed state, yet still conscious. Essentially, somewhere between sleep and awake. It is often said that we encounter this state of consciousness every day. Sometimes when we’re driving, reading, watching a movie, or working on the computer. I know I’ve achieved this level of consciousness many times before. It’s always felt a little odd, but now I realize it’s probably the same level of consciousness
achieved during hypnosis.

But Can It Help With Weight Loss?

Once the patient achieves this level of consciousness, the therapist uses the power of suggestion to tap into our subconscious mind. Think of your mind in two parts, the conscious and unconscious. The conscious is the part that we are aware of, including our thoughts and actions throughout the course of a day. When you hear about the subconscious, think about dreams. Our subconscious is working hard while we dream, telling our conscious mind different things that it should be aware of. The subconscious may contain thoughts or feelings that we normally repress with our conscious mind. For example, stresses or memories that are difficult to confront, but do affect our normal behavior. It is these repressed thoughts or feelings in the subconscious that the therapist is focusing
on to alter behavior.

If someone has issues overeating and needs hypnosis to lose weight, the therapist will “talk” with the subconscious and essentially try to reprogram what is triggering the overeating. Almost like changing habits by directly speaking to the part of the mind that is responsible for this bad habit.

Be Careful What You Click On

A simple google search for hypnosis to lose weight leads you to many options. However, I quickly discovered that most of these are just gimmicks trying to sell you another weight loss product, packaged under the unique disguise of hypnosis. If you are serious about using hypnosis to lose weight it is most effective with the personal setting of a therapist/hypnotist. Using an audio program you bought online probably won’t get you the results you’re looking for and will likely just be another gimmick to throw in the weight loss graveyard. So if you’re seriously considering using this technique, I suggest you get a professional to examine the possibility of weight



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