How to Wear Scarves



Are you actually going to wear a scarf this morning, but couldn’t figure out what to do with it? The secret behind wearing scarves is about not trying too hard to be fashionable. The attitude of perfectionism is way unnecessary in wearing a scarf. Styles out from wearing scarves convert an outfit from glam to slam! It can go with the flow of fashion in looking great in different fashion eras like ethnic folkloric, flower power, rock and roll, disco fever and hippy era. Don’t we just admire those celebrities and models who wear theirs in an effortless manner? I mean loving the natural messiness you get when wearing it without even looking at a mirror.

Its sizes vary, its colors are infinite, and what does it made from is an issue. You could have a sophisticated vibe from wearing a mixed garment scarf. It can be made from satin, silk, wool and more. I suggest that neutrals colors like black, navy, camel, and cream work best in tone-on-tone outfits. For every year that welcomes, colors of the year are mostly asked. Well, whatever color stands out, scarf never fails to adjust. A scarf has a perplex function. Its capacity to be worn from head to feet is astonishing. Wear one as an eye catching head dress on a hot afternoon. Tie it fashionably comfortable on your neck in cold seasons.

Wrap it gorgeously around your shoulders on an evening date. Transform it into a smashing sarong on a stroll in the beach. Sling it in your waist to create a nicely tossed belt and more. You can even band it as a bracelet and anklet to add a one of a kind look. Here are some ways to wear a scarf. One is called Heads Up. This one is perfect for rushed mornings when you feel your hair is lifeless. Pick a long scarf, make a single knot a little bit above your forehead and have those ends tied across behind the lower part of the head. Another one is known as Guy’s Tie. Choose a long skinny scarf and tie it like men do. Remember to keep it low and loose.

The popular Campfire Style is worn by those who are located at cold places. Be sure to choose a thin scarf for this style for it feels warm than it seems, especially when you intend to wear it for display. You will get this look just by twisting and twirling your scarf then loop it around your neck more than once. I only mentioned three ways to wear a scarf, but definitely, there are hundreds of it shared worldwide.

I sure do hope tomorrow morning you could already figure out what to do with your lovely scarves. Have in mind that knowing how to wear scarves does not give tension to our fashion ideas. Instead, have fun in wearing one today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, or anytime you wish to. There a lot of choices to choose from when we talk about scarf. Do not imprison the fact that you alone can come up with a great design. Let it have its freedom as you have your own starting from the point you choose which scarf to wear to the moment you walk out of your door with your head’s up.

Take a time to read this to find out how to wear scarves in the most practical ways that will only take you a few minutes to learn. Get tips on how possible it is to wear scarves from heat to foot and at the same time to be incredibly fashionable.



source: How to Wear Scarves