How to Make Scarves



If you are trying to learn how to make scarves, then it all depends on the type: is it homemade, simple fleece scarf, or hood scarf. Either way, they are simple to make as we shall see in this article.

How to make a simple scarf

Simple scarves are excellent pieces of clothing to wear and can take short time to make. Depending on age (let us use the 5 year age bracket); you should take no more than half an hour to make the scarves. The first thing you do to obtain a fleece piece of around 9″ x 52″. You should use a pair of scissors to cut the material. A ruler will be helpful to cut a straight material or else you may use a rotary cutter. The other thing that you need at your disposal to make scarves include a masking tape

From one end of the material marked 9’’, take 4 inches and use a masking tape to make a line through the width of your material. Then make slits in your material from either edge to where the tape marked the 4 inches. This should be done on either sides of your simple scarf. Once done, you may now remove the masking tape and decorate your material with say, golden embroidery.

Other ways in which you can beautify your scarf include includes putting your name initials, use of buttons. There are endless ways to makes scarves and embellish them and it’s up to the scope of your imagination.

When it comes to how to make scarves, it again comes to whether you want a hood scarf. If you are the kind who like covering their head, or have children to cover the heads, hood scarves are the way to go. Hood scarves are easy to make. All you need are a few items such as the thread, polar fleece, button and elastic material.

How do you go about making the scarf/ the first thing is to cut the fleece material 62” lengthwise and 10″ wide. Any cut should be made on the stretch of the material before making a half fold; so you will have half of each side. Please note the size can be greater than this depending on whether you are making it for a child or an adult; in this case here, we are making for a 5 year old child. Then, using the edge marked 6’’on the folds and 8’’ from the back make the requisite marks using a marker. These measurements will help you make stitches without going outside the marked edges. Ensure that you create a room for a seam as you do the stitching. As for the seamless edges of the scarf, you are supposed to make perpendicular cuts measuring 2″. Now you are done with making your scarf and all you need to do is to determine the best place to put a button. Once you have the button fixed (preferably below the chin), you may now place a loop on the opposite side of the button to help fasten it.

For embellishments, you may make do with a serger, obtain mittens with same color patterns as well as use of a different material to be fitted where the hem would have been made. How to make scarves should be as easy as easy does! Try it out today.



source: How to Make Scarves