How to Knit an Infinity Scarf



An infinity scarf has no free ends. It can be worn around the neck and it can also be pulled up over the head to act as a hood. This makes amazing accessories and can be worn for just about any occasion. Infinite scarves always complement your outfits if used well and if you go with the right pattern. They are a must have for every wardrobe and for whatever season, they come in handy. It’s about time you learn how to knit an infinite scarf. You know when you are going to need one for yourself, for your friend or your child.

Scarves can be of a wide variety. They come in different shapes, sizes, colors and texture. Depending on the size of the yarn, you choose your pattern of the scarf. The infinity scarves hardly disappoint. You will always have something for everyone. Whether female or male, and for whatever season be it summer or winter. Learning how to make an infinity scarf does not require some rocket science. It only takes a few instructions and it’s all done. There is a great variety of scarf patterns and we cannot exhaust all of them in one piece of writing, but once you learn this basic one, it will be pretty easy to do the rest.

The basic instructions here will guide you on how to knit an infinity scarf, as basic as they are. Anyone can do this as long as they are interested. For a typical scarf, we are going to require the following, 400 yards of worsted weight yarn, 24-inch, size 7-circular weaving needles, scissors, yarn needle and stitch makers. These will give you a complete set of what you need to complete an infinity scarf. When you have all your tools assembled you can now begin your knitting. It’s pretty easy and should take you very little time to complete a reasonable scarf.

Assuming you have your colors right. Start by casting on 200 sews. This is the first step. Secondly place a marker to join in the round, and make sure you do not twist the stitches/sews. Next, work around one in a K1 (knit stitch) and P1 (purl stitch) pattern. That is knitting one stitch and purling the stitch around the whole 200 stitches. Do step one and two over again until you have about 2 inches of the scarf. The rows produce a seed stitch frame that ensures the long edges do not roll. Next, weave in stockinette stitch, to make the scarf about five and a half inches of width.

By now, you have already created a smooth center piece for your scarf. Continue with the seed stitch pattern up to about two inches then fix all the stitches lightly. Up to this stage, you are almost done with your knitting. You then need to cut the working yarn, but remember to leave a substantial four inch tale, for weaving the ends.

Always choose your yarn wisely and consider substituting bulky or chunky yarn for two strands of worsted weight yarn where need arise. With this simple steps, you can do great learning how to knit an infinity scarf.



source: How to Knit an Infinity Scarf